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Level 1 Course Structure

Introduction to Kathak

Begin your online kathak classes by learning about Kathak's history as a classical dance form

Teen Taal

Learn Teen Taal which is the rhythmic music pattern followed in Kathak.

Teen Taal with Hastaks

Learn Teen Taal with different hand gestures.


Through Kafqa Academy’s online Kathak classes, learn Padanth, basic words/bol used in Kathak, and Laya - the speeds of dance - vilambit, madhya and dhruta.

Introduction to Kathak

Begin your online kathak classes by learning about Kathak's history as a classical dance form

Revision and Practice Materials

Revision and Practice Materials

Watch the syllabus videos to practice the techniques taught in the online kathak class.

Syllabus Videos
kathak Dance Classes 1 - Kafqa
kathak Dance Classes 1 - Kafqa
Practice Videos
Hip Hop Dance Classes 3 - Kafqa
Hip Hop Dance Classes 3 - Kafqa

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Here are a few questions frequently asked to us. Please reach out to us for further queries.

What is unique about kathak?

In Kathak, the dancer stands the entire time. Hip movements are restricted or non-existent. The weight of the body is equally distributed along the horizontal and vertical axis. The full foot contact is of prime importance where only the toe or the ball of the foot are used.

Where did Kathak originate?

Kathak is said to have originated with travelling bards known as Kathakars or storytellers in ancient northern India. Kathak developed independently in the courts of north Indian kingdoms during the Bhakti movement, especially by incorporating the childhood and stories of the Hindu god Krishna.

Is it difficult to learn Kathak dance?

Learning the various foot movements in Kathak can be a challenging aspect of this dance form. It, like anything else, will require constant practice. Moreover, the use of various 'taals' and 'laya' makes this dance form tough to master. But with the right guidance and regular classes, anybody can learn this dance form.

How long does it take to learn Kathak?

Kathak is a classical dance form that can take a few years to master. The basic course lasts 2-3 years and these kathak classes teach students the fundamentals of Kathak dance

Can children learn Kathak?

Yes, anyone can learn Kathak at any age; there is no limit to gain new knowledge in any stream and the same applies to Kathak. However, beginning the journey of learning Kathak at a young age can be very advantageous.

Can I learn kathak online?

Yes, online Kathak dance classes are the same as in-person classes. There are additional benefits to online learning, such as greater flexibility with time and the ability to refer to recorded sessions and practise from the comfort of one's own home.

Is Kathak beneficial for kids?

Kathak Dance has many advantages. It improves your posture, gives body balance, aids in weight loss, works on grace and confidence and is known to be a great stress reliever

How many years is the Kathak dance course?

A minimum of two years is necessary to learn the fundamentals of Kathak. Your progress also depends on how dedicated you are towards your practice sessions. However, to evolve into a professional dancer it might take at least 4-5 years.