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Level 1 Course Structure

Breath control

Teaching regulated and calculated breathing which is important to gain proper control over voice, texture, vocal stamina and tonal quality.

Sapta Swaras

Understanding the origins, history, positioning, significance and inter-relationships of Swaras and Swara Sthanas in context of the tambura.

Shruti Swara exercises

Developing a strong foundation and grasp of the Shadja, Panchama and other swaras using different movements through them in the form of vocal exercises.

Adi Taala

Introduction to one of the most prominent Taala in Carnatic vocal music and familiarising with its usage in various exercises.

Sarali Varisai

Introduction and familiarising with the first 2 exercises of the Sarali Varisai in all 3 speeds with the Adi Taala.

Ganesha Bhajana

Introduction to simple devotional songs dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

National Anthem

Understanding the notes of the national anthem in Swaras and reciting the same in Swara form.

Performance Preparation

A thorough revisit of the song preparation through our online Sangeetham classes for your upcoming certification ceremony.

Final Performance

A culminating performance by you in front of your friends and family showcasing your Carnatic Singing talent.

Breath control

Teaching regulated and calculated breathing which is important to gain proper control over voice, texture, vocal stamina and tonal quality.

Revision and Practice Materials

Revision and Practice Materials

Watch the syllabus videos to practice the techniques taught in the online Carnatic Singing classes.

Syllabus Videos
Carnatic Music Image 1 - Kafqa
Carnatic Music Image 1 - Kafqa
Practice Videos
Carnatic Music Image 2 - Kafqa
Carnatic Music Image 2 - Kafqa

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Here are a few questions frequently asked to us. Please reach out to us for further queries.

What is the order of learning in Carnatic music lessons?

Order:Sarali varisai 9 Madhya sthayi 5 Janti. 10 Thara sthayi. 5 Mandhra sthayi. 5 Dhaatu 5 Alankaras: 7 Pillari geethas 4Sanchari Geethas 4 ( minimum)Lakshana geethas: there are many Swarajathi : minimum 2 Jathiswara: 4 Varna : 5 Madhyama kaala kruthis: 10 Vilamba kaala kruthis : 5Devaranaama: 4

How many levels are there in Carnatic vocal music?

According to Karnataka Syllabus, there are 4 levels for which there are examinations conducted : Junior Senior Pre vidwath Vidhwath final Each level takes at least 3-4 years of preparation to clear on an average.

How many notes are there in Carnatic music?

There are seven swaras or notes in Carnatic music, 16 swarasthanas or places for the notes. Those 16 swarasthanas are compressed into 12 swarasthanas.

What are the benefits of learning Carnatic music?

There are many benefits of learning music other than the certifications.It helps to improve concentration of mind, keeps both the body and mind peaceful, helps to improve attention span and helps in maintaining a disciplined life

How do I get certified for Carnatic music?

The students are required to clear each level for a certificate and the certificate is provided after each exam is passed. Junior - PUC level Senior - Degree in music 2 Levels of Vidhwath: Masters in music

How long does it take to learn Varnam?

Varna is an important composition in music. The time taken depends upon the learning ability of the student. If the student has good understanding skills along with learning ability, Varna can be learnt in around 16 classes at the advanced level. For those who need a little more time, it can go up to 30 classes of advanced level.

What is the time taken to learn Carnatic Singing?

Carnatic singing has no end. You can keep learning for your lifetime. Our forefathers have given us innumerable compositions to learn. To complete the vidhwath final for a good learner, it will take a minimum of 11 years.

Is Carnatic music hard?

Any art form, Carnatic or otherwise, on the outset looks difficult to learn and master since there are many intricacies and technicalities involved. Carnatic music, if regularly practised, structurally and systematically learnt, can grow on anyone over a period of time. It is only hard for those who don’t put in the effort to learn and practice.

How many Varnas are there in Carnatic music?

There are innumerable Varnas in Carnatic music. There is no end to the number of Varnams that have been composed by various Carnatic musicians since the beginning of the music era.