Level 1 Course Structure

Learning Bollywood Songs

Learn to sing all the melodious new and trending Bollywood songs from your favorite singers.

Breath control

Teaching regulated and calculated breathing which is important to gain proper control over voice, texture, vocal stamina and tonal quality.

Seven Swaras

Understanding Seven notes/swaras in music and how to use them in different ways.

Ear Training

Using ear training exercises, learn to develop the ability to identify the correct pitch while singing.

Vocal Mechanism Control

Exercise and train your tongue and lips in terms of their shape, positioning and flexibility.

Vowel projection

Learn about the shape and positioning of the mouth and other body parts and produce optimum vowel sounds.


Understand nuances of music like loudness/softness, slow/fast tempo, short/long notes, etc.

Performance Preparation

A thorough revisit of the song preparation through our online Bollywood singing classes for your upcoming certification ceremony.

Final Performance

A culminating performance by you in front of your friends and family showcasing your Bollywood singing talent.

Learning Bollywood Songs

Learn to sing all the melodious new and trending Bollywood songs from your favorite singers.

Revision and Practice Materials

Revision and Practice Materials

Watch the syllabus videos to practice the techniques taught in the online Bollywood singing class.

Syllabus Videos
Bollywood Singing Syllabus Image - Kafqa
Bollywood Singing Syllabus Image - Kafqa
Practice Videos
Bollywood Singing Practice Image - Kafqa
Bollywood Singing Practice Image - Kafqa

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Here are a few questions frequently asked to us. Please reach out to us for further queries.

What is the easiest style of singing to learn?

There are no easy styles of singing, all kinds of singing whether it’s Bollywood, Playback singing, Western or Carnatic, have different focus areas and development criteria. They cannot be fairly compared against each other and claim that one is easier than the other.

What is the difference between a singer and playback singer?

A singer sings and performs on his/her own directly for his/her audience whereas a playback singer sings or gives his/her voice for others (Actors for eg.)

Can I learn Bollywood singing online?

Yes, you can definitely learn and master the art of Bollywood singing online.

What are the different types of songs in Bollywood?

Bollywood songs can be happy, sad, romantic, patriotic, or party songs, depending on the mood and requirements of the script. Some of them can also have roots in Hindustani classical music.

Will Bollywood Singing help with my playback singing goals?

Bollywood singing is definitely one of the important stepping stones towards building a foundation in playback singing.

What age should a child start singing lessons?

There is no set age, but the earlier a child begins singing, the better their senses develop toward the art of music and the more time they have to hone their skills. Children as young as three or four years old can begin to sing.

Is it possible to become a Bollywood singer without having expertise in Indian classical music?

Yes, it is technically possible to become a Bollywood singer without having expertise in Indian Classical music since it’s not a prerequisite. Having Indian Classical roots, however, does have its own benefits.

Are online singing lessons a good way to learn to sing?s

Online singing courses, if followed seriously and regularly, can be an effective, if not better, way to learn singing.

How can I start singing in Bollywood?

You will need to study many bollywood songs, develop your singing skills, practice everyday for many years and explore as much music as possible both from a listening/singing and a theoretical understanding perspective. They are some important milestones to achieve before you can start singing in Bollywood. Once these are achieved, singing in reality shows, talent competitions, approaching music producers/musicians/talent hunt agencies and event management companies may be some of the routes that can be used to start your singing career among other things.

Is singing a good career in India?

Singing can be a soul satisfying career that fulfills your passion while you work. Very few are able to say that they get to follow their passion as a career. Any career path, whether singing, or otherwise has its own obstacles and challenges, so the key is to keep moving forward and maintaining discipline and patience.

How can I sing bollywood songs better?

It is best to learn different types of techniques that help with Bollywood singing. Some techniques with regards to playback singing and exploring Hindustani Classical music are also some very important paths to choose to get better at singing Bollywood songs.

Do I need any instrument or app before I begin my Bollywood singing classes online?

Nothing is required for Bollywood singing classes, any student can learn singing as long as they have a device on which they can join classes with an internet connection.