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Here are a few questions frequently asked to us. Please reach out to us for further queries.

What is the best way to learn music online?

The best way to learn music, especially singing classes, is by using a laptop/desktop with sufficient RAM, very good internet connection and a good pair of headphones with a microphone.

How do I start an online music course?

Register for the course at kafqa.com. There are online courses for Western Singing and Carnatic Singing that can be applied for at Kafqa Academy.

Are online music classes as best as traditional ones?

Online classes are the modern, popular and viable alternatives to traditional, physical classes. Quality online classes can be found that do not hamper class quality and at the same time provide additional privileges like convenience, schedule flexibility, multiple options etc.

Are there online music classes possible?

Yes, online music classes can be attended from home, office, school or any other place with good internet connection.

Can I learn music at home?

Yes, music can be learnt at home through online classes. There are multiple options available for the same.

What are the best online courses for Music?

The online course for Western Singing and Carnatic Singing is available at Kafqa Academy. It is well structured, has a thoroughly prepared curriculum with expert instructors.

What is the best way to learn music?

The best way to learn music is by imitating the great musicians and learning through practice. Watching the best artists in the business execute their skill, sitting and analysing their technique piece by piece and then practising it would be the right way to go.

Can I study music without an instrument?

Yes, all humans are gifted with a natural instrument i.e the voice. Anyone can study music using their voice and singing.

Where can I learn music online?

There are online courses for Western Singing and Carnatic Singing available at Kafqa Academy.

How long does it take to learn music theory?

Music learning including theory is an ongoing process. Basic beginner level theory may take only a few years to learn but the advanced concepts require many years to master and apply practically.

Can you play music without theory?

Yes. There are multiple well known musicians who manage to play music without formal theoretical training through simply their intuition and feel. Having said that, theoretical knowledge and understanding is always helpful and makes the overall music learning that much easier.

Which are the best online music classes?

The online classes for Western Singing and Carnatic Singing available at Kafqa Academy offer one of the best options for music classes.

What is a good age to begin music lessons?

Music lessons can be started for students as young as 3 years old. These classes can be very engaging, interactive and give children an overall exposure to music.

What is the easiest instrument for a child to learn?

The easiest conventional instrument for a child to learn would be a piano/keyboard since they are able to generate musical notes just through the simple pressing of buttons. Other instruments like Guitar etc. require more work, for eg. learning to apply the right pressure on guitar strings, playing the violin strings using the bow properly.

What are the best free online Music courses?

A simple search on Youtube for music lessons can provide you with a variety of free music courses, the trick is to follow the ones that have the most views and likes. Choose the one that works best for you according to your needs.

What music courses are available online?

There are a lot of music courses available online, for instance the Western Singing and Carnatic Singing courses at Kafqa Academy.

What skills can I learn from taking an online music class?

Through online classes, you can learn to play the guitar/piano/ukulele, sing and even learn some traditional Indian instruments.

What are some of the important tips for taking music classes online?

Always make sure you have a good internet connection for your classes for a clean, uninterrupted experience. It is preferred to have a good set of speakers/headphones for your classes along with a good quality microphone.

How can I learn Indian classical music online?

There are online courses available for Carnatic music at Kafqa Academy. Carnatic is one of the 2 main categories of Indian Classical music, the other one being Hindustani.