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Western Singing Classes

Popularized by artists like Ed Sheeran and Billie Eilish, Contemporary Western Singing has become one of the most sought after genres in singing across all age groups around the world. Join Kafqa Academy’s online western vocal classes, and enhance your vocal skills

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8 Students per batch
2 Classes per week

Lesson Plan For Level 1

Master these vocal fundamentals with Kafqa Academy's online Western Singing classes and get set to kickstart your singing journey.

Breath control

Learn to regulate your breathing and gain control over voice, texture, and tonal quality

Vowel projection

Learn about the shape and positioning of the mouth and other body parts and produce optimum vowel sounds

Consonant projection

Learn about the shape and positioning of various body parts and produce the optimum consonant sounds

Pitch recognition

Using ear training exercises, learn to develop the ability to identify the correct pitch while singing

Rhythm recognition

Do different exercises to understand rhythms and their association with time


Understand nuances of music like loudness/softness, slow/fast tempo, short/long notes, etc

Voice tone control

Work on the quality and texture of your voice based on usage of head/chest/mixed voice


Learn about enunciation, pronunciation, phrasing, and other speech-related aspects of singing

Tongue control

Exercise and train one of the strongest muscles in the human body - your tongue!

Lip control

Exercise to train your lips in terms of their shape, positioning and flexibility

Performance Preparation

A thorough revisit of the song preparation through our online Western Singing classes for your upcoming certification ceremony

Final Performance

A culminating performance by you in front of your friends and family showcasing your Western Singing talent

Meet Our Instructors

Nivedhitha Hip Hop Instructor - Kafqa


Meet E.Nivedhitha, Musician, Carnatic Singer, Veena artist and Composer from Chennai, India. She has been training in Carnatic Singing for the past 23 years. She has completed her PG in performing arts and Carnatic music studies.

Maulik Hip Hop Instructor - Kafqa


Maulik is a graduate from FTII and has trained actors across age groups. He is known for his work in Mumbai and Bangalore Theatre circuit.

Snigdha Hip Hop Instructor - Kafqa

Snigdha Banerjee

Snigdha has over 15 years of dance experience. She has featured in various award shows and Bollywood movies. She has also represented India in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Gayatri Hip Hop Instructor - Kafqa

Gayatri Poojari

Gayatri has over 4 years of dance experience and is training from Terence Lewis Training Institute. She was a part of the dance group that featured in Gully boy and Baaghi 3.

Revision and Practice Tools

Syllabus Videos

Watch the syllabus videos to practice the techniques taught in the online Western Singing classes

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Practice Videos

Watch the practice videos to rehearse the performance taught in the online Western Singing classes

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Get Certified

Get certified by the Kafqa Academy after completing the Western Singing classes online.

Culmination Certificate - Kafqa

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