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Level 1 Course Structure

Breath control

Learn to regulate your breathing and gain control over voice, texture, and tonal quality.

Vowel projection

Learn about the shape and positioning of the mouth and other body parts and produce optimum vowel sounds.

Consonant projection

Learn about the shape and positioning of various body parts and produce the optimum consonant sounds.

Pitch recognition

Using ear training exercises, learn to develop the ability to identify the correct pitch while singing.

Rhythm recognition

Do different exercises to understand rhythms and their association with time.


Understand nuances of music like loudness/softness, slow/fast tempo, short/long notes, etc.

Voice tone control

Work on the quality and texture of your voice based on usage of head/chest/mixed voice.


Learn about enunciation, pronunciation, phrasing, and other speech-related aspects of singing.

Tongue control

Exercise and train one of the strongest muscles in the human body - your tongue!

Lip control

Exercise to train your lips in terms of their shape, positioning and flexibility.

Performance Preparation

A thorough revisit of the song preparation through our online Western Singing classes for your upcoming certification ceremony.

Final Performance

A culminating performance by you in front of your friends and family showcasing your Western Singing talent.

Breath control

Learn to regulate your breathing and gain control over voice, texture, and tonal quality.

Revision and Practice Materials

Revision and Practice Materials

Watch the syllabus videos to practice the techniques taught in the Western Singing class online.

Western Vocal Syllabus Videos
Music Image 1 - Kafqa
Music Image 1 - Kafqa
Western Vocal Practice Videos
Music Image 3 - Kafqa
Music Image 3 - Kafqa

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Here are a few questions frequently asked to us. Please reach out to us for further queries.

What is Western vocal singing?

Western vocal singing is the singing of songs in the English language by artists primarily from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, typically from the genres of pop, rock, contemporary, country, and so on.

Can I learn western music in India?

Yes. In India, there are numerous academies dedicated to teaching Western music. Kafqa Academy offers western vocal classes online, in singing. It also offers other classes online to learn guitar and keyboard.

What is Western classical singing?

Western Classical music refers to formal music traditions of the Western world rooted in the churches and royal courts of Western Europe.

What is western solo singing?

Western Solo singing is individual singing acts by performers of western Music. The singer can choose to sing any of the popular genres of Western Music namely pop, rock, jazz, contemporary etc.

What makes Western music unique?

Western Music is unique in its understanding and usage of harmonic organization. Some sub-genres of western music also have very unique musical form complexities as well.

How long does it take to learn Western vocals?

Learning music is generally an ongoing process and even the pioneers don't claim to be experts even after years of learning and practicing. However, it takes about 8-10 years of regular singing and practicing to at least understand all the different aspects and elements of western singing and gain some level of mastery in each of them.

How can I improve my Western Singing?

Some ways to improve are - Following a daily practice routine regularly- Exploring and learning different artists, music, songs, etc.- Understanding different theoretical aspects and their practical applications of western music- Regular performances and stage/public singing exposure

How do beginners learn western vocals?

Through exercises and activities, beginners learn the fundamentals of singing and music. They are then taught the proper techniques, postures, and so on, usually through activities. Finally, they are taught to sing simple songs using these fundamental techniques, and they are introduced to singing and performing.

Does Western singing have ragas?

Western singing has 'Scales' which have some resemblance to Ragas from Indian Classical music. But, Scales and Ragas are fundamentally different in many ways.

What is the Age Limit for Joining Music Classes for Vocal Training in Bangalore?

There is no age limit as such for joining music classes. Children as young as 3+ can start singing once they have some basic control over their voice and diction ability.

Will I Need to Buy Any Instrument or Kit Before Joining Vocal Music Classes?

No instrument or Kit is necessary for joining vocal music classes. However, it is recommended to get a good pair of earphones or headphones for listening to online classes properly. Although not necessary, addition of a simple microphone will also boost the quality of the lessons tremendously.

Are western singing classes online an effective way to learn to sing?

There is no significant difference between learning singing through online courses and offline classes. Both mediums are equally effective as the lessons are the same and the teaching style remains the same too.