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Ramayana - Storytelling Classes

Ramayana is the first of many stories that we offer in an immersive way for students to explore the story and decipher values through activities, discussions, crafts, quizzes and performances. The dramatized storytelling comprises Ramayana, Adventures of Hanuman, Adventures of Lord Krishna, Mahabharata, Shakti, Dashavatar, Shiva Puran, Adventures of Ganesha, Bhagavad Gita and a few more. Join Kafqa Academy’s online Ramayana storytelling course and delve deep into the engrossing tales.

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6-9 years
8 Students per batch
2 Classes per week

Lesson Plan For Level 1

Grasp the nuances of the epic tale with Kafqa Academy's online Ramayana storytelling classes.

Ratnakara to Valmiki

In this class, we discuss the story of transformation of Ratnakara the dacoit to the great sage Valmiki who later went on to write one of the largest epics of the world, the Ramayana. Students learn the impact and outcomes of Good vs Evil

Shravan’s Role in Ramayana

Along with the story of Shravan kumar, children will learn the value of Obedience and confessing mistakes. They will also be Introduced to the ‘Weight Balancing’ Act

Rama’s Birth & Childhood

This class celebrates Rama’s birth and a few of his childhood anecdotes. The values learnt by students are to respect parents and teachers, stay humble and focus on learning

Vishwamitra’s Order

In this class, students get introduced to Sage Vishwamitra and his rage. They will learn the importance of knowledge, to stay calm and to trust. Students also learn to control anger through exercises

Rama’s first Battle

Students learn about Rama’s First Battle with values of obeying Teachers and Never to Act Cruelly. The class also includes craft activities such as Making a Bow & Arrow

Gurukul & Descent of Ganga

These online storytelling classes discuss Vishwamitra’s preachings to Rama & Lakshmana about the Descent of Ganga. Students explore the values of hope, faith and teaching style of Vishwamitra

Mithila’s Sita

This class is about King Janaka and the birth of Sita. Students learn about qualities of Sita and play activities around building the same within them

Sita’s Swayamvar

Along with the story of Ram lifting Shiva Dhanush to marry Sita, Students learn the concept of Swayamvar and draw comparison with current matrimony

Wedding to Ayodhya

Students are introduced to and discuss wedding rituals and Rama’s coronation ceremony. They learn the importance of these occasions and values of Rama that chose him as the next King of Ayodhya

Favourite Character’s POV

Discuss Balkaand with students from their Favourite Characters point of view. Instructor helps them draft a story accordingly and narrate it

Performance Preparation

A thorough revision on Favourite Character’s retelling of Bal Kand with Dramatic Elements

Final Performance

A culminating performance by students in front of their peers/parents showcasing their understanding of Bala Kand as their chosen character in the form of a storytelling

Meet Our Instructors

Maulik Hip Hop Instructor - Kafqa


Maulik is a graduate from FTII and has trained actors across age groups. He is known for his work in Mumbai and Bangalore Theatre circuit.

Snigdha Hip Hop Instructor - Kafqa

Snigdha Banerjee

Snigdha has over 15 years of dance experience. She has featured in various award shows and Bollywood movies. She has also represented India in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Rajesh Hip Hop Instructor - Kafqa

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh has over 11 years of experience in dance. He has worked under Melvin Louis for the Youtube Fanfest and has also been a part of various professional stage performances.

Gayatri Hip Hop Instructor - Kafqa

Gayatri Poojari

Gayatri has over 4 years of dance experience and is training from Terence Lewis Training Institute. She was a part of the dance group that featured in Gully boy and Baaghi 3.

Revision and Practice Tools

Syllabus Videos

Watch the syllabus videos to practice the techniques taught in the online class

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Get Certified

Get certified by Kafqa Academy after successfully completing the online Ramayana mythology courses.

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