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Why The Ideal Weight Can be one of the Benefits of Bharatanatyam?

1st Jun, 2022

Your age might just be a number, but your body weight is certainly not just some mere digits when it comes to dancing. Of course, no one has the right to body shame a classical dancer for their heavyweight; however, achieving the ideal kilos will help them to stand out by outshining others. Staying in shape and slaying among the rest is one of the significant benefits of Bharatanatyam dance.

Bharatanatyam Strengthening Exercises for kids

If you are inclined toward this graceful form of art, you already must have understood the importance of balance in the Bharatanatyam dance style. A minute pitfall in your performance is potent enough to ruin all your effort within a few seconds. That's why you should not overlook the aspect of your body size. Being chubby and overweight is not a sin, but it can be a potential barrier between you and your art!

Take a quick look at this blog from tip to toe for more information. You will be able to gather a plethora of information that will help you stay encouraged and motivated throughout your dancing journey.

Bharatanatyam Classical Dance: What Do You Understand by Body Composition?

There is a spectrum of specific components that together form your body weight. The elements are mentioned below in this post:

  • Body fat
  • Muscle mass
  • Your organs
  • Bones
  • Water

What Is the Ideal Body Weight for Bharatanatyam Dancers?

As mentioned earlier, Bharatanatyam is an excellent Indian classical dance form that allows you to stay in shape. Apart from the rigorous, elegant, and graceful dance moves, this particular style offers a wide range of physical and mental benefits. There is a term known as 'aramandi' in Bharatanatyam classical dance. Here, the dancer needs to sit in a squatting position by keeping their knees sideways. As a result, it enables the artist to hold their torso in a steady position, thus mastering the skill of body control.

But, dealing with heavy body weight might stop you from reflecting on your ultimate grace. Focusing on reducing the extra kilos is mandatory to steal the spotlight and evolve as a showstopper.

According to a specific study, it has been evident that the ideal body weight of a female Bharatanatyam dancer should range from 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m2. By achieving this specific weight goal, you can now be the center of attraction among other participants.

The Bharatanatyam classes can also assist you in beautifying your body postures and hand gestures, thus strengthening and rejuvenating the vulnerable parts of your body.

How Can Having an Ideal Body Weight Help You?

Again, the primary key to dancing is having entire balance and body control. Gaining the ideal mass and getting rid of the unwanted kilos will help you lock your hip, contract your abdomen, achieve an appropriate vertical axis and keep your body perfectly aligned!

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How Should You Take Care of Your Body as a Bharatanatyam Dancer?

If you seriously want to pursue your career in the dancing industry, taking care of your health is very important. All your struggles and effort might go into complete vain if your body doesn't allow you to reach new heights. Apart from learning Bharatanatyam classical dance, there are specific measures that are important to preserve your health in the best possible ways:

  • Bharatanatyam Classical Dance:Provide the Necessary Nutrients to Your Body
    Bharatanatyam dancing might not be an athletic activity, but it is a physically demanding exercise. That's why consuming the right amounts of calories is essential to maintaining a healthy diet. Since you lose a lot of nutrients throughout the day, replenishing them is much needed!
  • Warm-Up Before Dancing
    Benefits of Bharatanatyam are plenty. Team captains, dance gurus, and choreographers choose to start the session with a warm-up for a reason. It allows your muscles to get loose so that you don't get exposed to unnecessary and frequent injuries.
  • Drink a Lot of Water and Keep Yourself Hydrated
    After enrolling yourself in Bharatanatyam classical dance, keeping yourself hydrated throughout the practice session is essential. You already know that your body loses a lot of sweat while dancing. With an approach to balancing the water level in your body, drinking water frequently is a must. It acts as a potential fuel, thus allowing you to restore all your energy and hype.
  • Stay Focused and Relax for a While
    Yes, taking a break between your dance classes is equally important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Continuous practice without any gap will make you feel physically ill, and that's not something you wish for!
  • You Need to Listen to Your Body
    A dancer's passion is compelling; they don't even think twice about their sickness or pain. But, neglecting your massive leg injury will not be much helpful. It can bring your career to a halt, unfortunately. If your body demands rest, you must consider absorbing the message. You can again rock the stage after healing completely.

The Bottom Line

Looking after your body and taking care of your health will enable you to shine bright like a diamond. By achieving the ideal weight and taking a step toward wellness, you will get the scope of doing absolute wonders in no time. If you are willing to enjoy the top-notch benefits of Bharatanatyam, getting in touch with us that can be your ideal solution!

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