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Why Is It the Best Time to Pick Up Online Classical Dance Classes Now?

3rd Jul, 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a huge shift in the number of things we do. Now, more and more organizations are offering remote work opportunities. Parents have understood the benefits of online education, digitization has become a new normal and so on.

Pandemic also taught us that being stuck in our homes doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. There is so much one can do with just a smartphone and an adequate internet connection. Take online classical dance classes, for instance. People are no longer required to visit the dance academies to give wings to their passion for dance. Everything from finding the right dance academy to speaking with the instructor, paying fees, taking dance lessons and learning the dance form can be done online. And if you are a busy individual, who hardly has a minute to spare but loves to dance, you can benefit immensely from online dance classes. And as long as you are interested, age is just a number.

So yes, if you are ready to experience these and many other benefits, then surely now is the best time to pick up your dance hobby.

Here is Why Virtual Classical Dance Classes are a Rage these Days

1. Gives an Opportunity to Stay Active

If you are one of those lucky ones who are still working from home, then we are sure you must be bored with how things must have turned out. It’s the same thing all over again. You wake up, get fresh, log in to your work, complete the entire working hour, log-off, eat, sleep and then repeat everything again.

While some may find this lifestyle better than actually working from the office, it is making you lazy and inactive.

Thankfully, joining online classical dance classes can help you bring a change to the same old, boring lifestyle. You can escape social isolation and meet with different people on a regular basis. What’s more? The warm-ups you do and the steps you perform will help you become active and healthy.

2. Provides a Sense of Community

Just because you are enrolling in the online classical dance classes doesn’t mean there won't be hard work involved. In fact, you might overdo yourself since there is no fear of being judged.

You will break some sweat, burn a few calories, release stress and feel refreshed after each session. And we all know that work from home results in people sitting at one particular place and position for long hours. Since moving the body is imperative for a healthy mind and body, enrolling in an online Bharatnatyam class can prove beneficial.

3. Learn at Your Own Pace

Have you been avoiding enrolling in the dance classes because you are a slow learner or because you require extra attention to polish certain steps? Well, online Bharatnatyam classes can prove a boon for you.

Not every individual is the same, and reliable dance academy experts know this better than anyone else. They, in fact, go above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable. They may even speak with you one on one to determine your strength and weakness. And based on the information gathered, they may tailor the steps to meet your requirements.

4. Retain Your Confidence

Humans are social animals. We love meeting people, exploring places and doing new things on a daily basis. However, the pandemic robbed all of these from us. And with companies supporting the remote working process, many individuals have isolated themselves from the outer world. Isolation can have a huge impact on one’s confidence level.

By learning Bharatnatyam online, you can regain the opportunity of meeting new people. You can connect with other individuals with a similar mindset and regain your confidence back.

5. Stay Connected with the Roots

Similar to other classical dances, even Bharatnatyam is based on mythological tales and scriptures. Online Bharatnatyam class is more than just a medium to learn dancing; it is a way to understand the Indian culture and religion in-depth.

Your online Bharatnatyam dance instructor is bound to teach you the significance of dance and even tell stories to begin each posture that you learn. You can learn the history of our nation and gain a better perspective of the things that you do. In short, you can build your relationship with the country beyond your imagination with actual facts and realistic information right in front of you.

Give Kafqa Academy Experts a Call!

Are you ready to make the most out of your days? Do you wish to add a little twist to your regular routine? Or do you wish your kid to be involved in more than just studies? All your questions have only one answer – Kafqa Academy. Contact our dance instructors to start learning Bharatnatyam online today. We can even assist your kid with the right beginner-level classical dance program.

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