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What's the Best Way to Learn Bollywood Singing for Beginners?

29th Mar, 2022

Bollywood music is filled with peppy and romantic tunes, and it is the most sought-after genre in singing. People across all age groups have shown their keen interest in Bollywood singing. We have got you covered if you are a music enthusiast and looking forward to learning beginner techniques. Here, in this post, you will find some exquisite methods to learn to sing Bollywood songs as a beginner.

Hindi Singing Tutorial for Beginners

Why Opt for Bollywood Singing?

Irrespective of professional or non-professional singers, most people groove and hum to the tunes of Bollywood songs. The songs of Bollywood are composed so that they are pretty easy to learn. On the other hand, professional singers will acquire specific skills and techniques to learn the songs perfectly.

Acquiring the perfect skills for singing Bollywood songs is easy and affordable through online music classes. You can learn the basic skills for singing popular Bollywood songs from the selected song library through these online courses.

What are the Techniques to Learn Bollywood Singing for Beginners?

If you are interested in learning how to sing Bollywood songs, you must take singing lessons. And to make things relatively more accessible, the internet has opened doors for you where you can master your singing skills. If you have ever wondered about the best ways to learn Bollywood singing, here are the techniques:

  • Keep Your Posture Correct - Learning how to sing Bollywood songs can be easy if you follow and maintain the basics correctly. So the first skill that you need to master as a beginner is to keep your posture correct. If you are having trouble getting your pitch and vocal tone right, you should start fixing your posture. The perfect pose for singing is by standing tall. And once you keep your body in good alignment, you are bound to deliver the best music.
    So all you need to do is stand straight and spread your feet following your shoulder width. Keep your shoulders, hips, and feet in the same line. And finally, comfortably lift your chest to make your chin and neck aligned and straight. Once you complete this simple correction in your standing posture, you will find how great your voice sounds.
  • Practice Breathing Exercises - If you don't practice proper breathing exercises, you might run out of breath quickly. Since breathing is vital for singing, you need to master specific techniques. It would be best if you practiced taking a diaphragmatic breath to maintain a fine-tune while you sing.
    However, it would be best to increase your breathing support to increase your vocal power. This way, it becomes easier for you to sing from the diaphragm, i.e. breathe from your stomach. You will notice how a simple change in breathing technique can make your voice sound powerful.

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  • Synchronize Your Pitch and Tune - Even if you are a gifted singer, beginners are not usually in tune with pitch while singing. Singing in tune can be very easy if you master the techniques of vocal pitch. Since you are just a beginner, practice vigorously to find your best note. Once you have deciphered the correct note, you will quickly see your pitch fall on the correct scale.
    But if you feel that you are getting off pitch again, you can try to keep your notes a little compact. So once you begin, start with simple scales initially. And after you have mastered these techniques, you can readily sing more complicated melodies.
  • Practice Projection - What if your voice is melodious, but you are not audible to anyone? It would be best to learn the correct techniques for projecting your voice. But how can you do so? Let's find out.
    All you need to do is use the power of your speaking voice while you sing. When we speak, our voice is naturally projected and resonant. So if you apply the same technique in your vocal power while you sing, you can deliver a projected tone. This will help you endure a strong singing voice and a better foundation.
  • Learn Singing from Head Voice - Since you are learning how to sing, you need to practice all the singing techniques. You can tilt your head back to deliver the best whenever you are trying to sing a higher note. This helps you tighten your vocal cords, providing the requisite high note for your song.
  • Learn Singing from Chest Voice - For singing lower notes, you need to sing with your chest voice. But singing with a light chest voice will not help you deliver the perfect music. So while you begin, make sure you start with a strong chest voice.
  • Try Singing in Mixed Vocals - Once you have mastered the skills of singing from head and chest voice, you can try mixing them up. This will help you easily connect the different parts of your voice and form great music.

To Conclude

You can quickly learn the techniques mentioned above for Bollywood singing through proper practice. You can also opt for online music classes to learn the beginner techniques for singing.

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