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What is Bollywood Hip Hop, and Who Are the Top Five Hip Hop Dance Crews in India?

22nd Mar, 2022

Hip hop is a western dance form, and initially, this dance form was performed on the streets. As a result, Hip Hop dance is also called street dance. Although Hip Hop is a dance form originating in western countries, it has gained prominence in India.

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Many dancers in India have been inspired to become a Hip Hop dancer. Many young individuals take online Bollywood dance classes and hip hop classes to learn this dance form in India.

Many performers in India showed their passion for this dance form in different reality shows and made the country proud with their dance. Some dance crews also won world dance championships.

Five Best Indian Hip Hop Dance Crews

The five best Indian Hip Hop dance crews are:

1. Desi Hoppers

Desi Hoppers is one of the most reputed Bollywood Hip Hop dance groups. It is the first team from India to win the World of Dance championship held in Los Angeles. This team is a group of seven members and is led by Shantanu Maheshwari.

Shantanu Maheshwari is an Indian actor and dancer, and under his leadership, Desi Hoppers achieved fame in shows like Step Up, and So You Think You Can Dance.

2. Blitzkrieg Dance Crew

This dance crew was formed in 2007, and the team became famous when they won a regional-level Hip Hop dance competition. The competition was conducted at NIT Surathkal, Karnataka, and they are an inspiration for many people who take online hip hop dance classes.

3. Hypnotics Dance Group

Hypnotics are a reputable Bollywood Hip Hop dance crew in India, and it is led by Harish Patil. The dance crew comprises eight members, and they won a gold medal in the National Level Hip Hop championships 2013 and a silver medal at the Indian Hip Hop championships 2016.

4. Gang 13

This dance crew is famous for Desi Hip Hop in India. Desi Hip Hop is a form of dance where there is an Indian desi touch to the HipHop dance. They started their career in small stage shows and may have taken online Bollywood dance classes as well.

They also achieved success and fame when they were the winner of India’s biggest Hip Hop dance festival, Breezer vivid shuffle. They were formed in 2015 and have been flourishing since then.

5. I AM Hip Hop crew

This Bollywood Hip Hop dance crew is famous for its coordination and energetic performance and is a renowned crew. Besides Bollywood Hip Hop, they perform locking, popping, urban, house and other Bollywood dance styles.

They were also awarded a gold medal in the Indian Hip Hop dance championship 2014. Many people who follow them also take interest in the dance form and participate in online hip hop dance classes.

Other than these dance crews, there are many other dancers in India who are burning the dance floor with their Hip Hop moves. They might also achieve success soon.

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History of Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop dance is an exciting and unique type of street dance that is performed with hip-hop music. It is a vibrant dance form that is a combination of many freestyle movements to create a unique piece of art. With its three main styles of popping, locking and breaking, hip-hop dance has advanced into a popular and influential dance style.

Some dance studios that conduct dance classes allow dancers to be loose and worry less about techniques and more about expression via movement and music. Hip Hop dance creates a unique level of fun and creativity due to its upbeat music.

But this unique style of dance started way back during the 1960s and 1970s, originally inspired by African dancing, which then transformed into a new dancing style performed by the people in the streets. But the early history of hip-hop dance can be traced way back on the East Coast, especially in New York City.

The East Coast hip-hip started out through a rhythmic combination, which was created by the Jamaican DJ, Kool DJ Herc, who came to Brooklyn when he was 12. He quickly gained a lot of popularity as a DJ in NYC.

Modern Hip Hop Dance

Though Hip Hop originally started as an informal street dance, it has evolved onto the stage and screen and into the heart of audiences. Even in India, this dance style is a highly sought-after and dominant dance style. It is counted among the common dance styles for concerts, videos and dance competitions.

You can find Hip Hop dance forms in various dance studios, and people teach this energetic dance form to different age groups. Hip Hop has transformed the dance world and is categorized into traditional dance styles, and it is also a suitable means for art, movement and exercise.

If you are interested in taking online Hip Hop and Bollywood dance classes, look no further than Kafqa academy. They provide online Bollywood dance classes and Hip Hop dance classes to its clients, and there are many trained instructors who can help you know different dance techniques of Bollywood and Hip Hop.

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