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What is Bollywood Dance? Enroll in Online Dance Class and Learn Interesting Facts

16th Mar, 2022

Bollywood dancing is a dynamic, highly theatrical and colorful dance style that you will see in Indian films. This dance form portrays the freedom of expression in the best possible ways. You can join Bollywood online dance classes and turn out to be the next 'expression queen' like our iconic Madhuri Dixit. This particular dance form has no set of rules. If you have an interest and passion for dance, do not restrict yourself from taking the first step due to your age or fitness level.


What Do You Mean by the Term "Bollywood"?

The term Bollywood is mainly a combination created by using two names, Bombay, presently known as Mumbai and Hollywood. Bollywood is famous for being the world's largest film industry regarding the number of tickets sold every year and the number of films produced. It has become internationally ubiquitous in recent times and has made its entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Bollywood: An International Sensation

Witnessing pure classical dance form and Western pop is not that unusual in Bollywood nowadays. Bollywood comes with an international appeal and has paved its way towards success for several decades. In the initial stages, Bollywood dance forms were only relevant in Indian films. However, the time has taken a turn right now! It has gained an increasing popularity in various places such as Europe, the US and Canada. If you want to learn the elegant and graceful moves, enroll yourself in a online Bollywood dance class.

Parents can also enroll their kids in Bollywood dance classes and teach them the art of performing in style.

Bollywood Dance: Taken the World by Storm

With the success of some incredible films such as Slumdog Millionaire, Bollywood dance and movies have taken the world by storm. It has now made its appearance on global platforms. This is possible due to the ever-expanding Indian diaspora and the Non-Indians who were highly fascinated by the larger than life and exotic qualities inherent in it.

Starting from their production value to the lavish set and extravagant costumes, it has drawn the attention of famous stars such as Britney Spears, Madonna and Shakira. They have incorporated Bollywood style in their dance, songs, stage shows and videos.

Bollywood: Its Evolution

The dancing style in the initial stages of Bollywood films was based on Folk Dances and Indian Classical Dance forms. These art forms included classical techniques such as Bharatanatyam and Kathak. In the phase between the late 50s and 60s, group dances began to mark their ways in Bollywood films.

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Choreographers started to deal with more prominent dancer troupes. Bollywood dance took a bold turn in the 70s. The Cabaret dance form became the mainstream dance style and incorporated several films and movies. In the later stage, Cabaret was taken over by Disco, which was a worldwide phenomenon then.

In the recent era, Western culture has influenced Bollywood dance quite a bit. It includes changes in location while moving, larger dance groups, and frequent costume changes. The movements have become quite extroverted and bold to capture the audience's attention.

Online Dance Classes: What Are Some of the Interesting Bollywood Dance Facts for Children?

You can enroll your child inonline Bollywood dance classes and allow them to master this beautiful form of art. Take a look and learn about some of the exciting facts of Bollywood mentioned below:

  • Bollywood dancing demands a lot of movements from your feet, hands, neck and face. Your eyes need to speak through your expressions.
  • Bollywood dance is an excellent form of narrating a story through graceful movements. You can use your art and express yourself in front of the mass.
  • In the 1960s, traditional folk dance-influenced Bollywood dance to a great extent. However, in the 1970s, disco music started influencing the moves.
  • From the 1980s, Western dance styles have been the most considerable influence on Bollywood dance.
  • Apart from Western Dance, Bollywood dance is also highly influenced by the music and fashion of the era.
  • Traditional Bollywood performances were performed in front of Hindu deities in the harvest season. The farmers smoothly moved their bodies in dance steps and thanked their God for showering their crops with rain.
  • The term Bollywood can only be applied to Hindi language movies. Not all Indian cinemas fall under the same category of Bollywood.
  • The success of a Bollywood masterpiece depends massively on the quality of dance numbers and original songs.
  • All the Bollywood dance moves are significant. Your hard work will allow you to nail the art with utmost ease after practicing it for some years.
  • A Bollywood dance item is generally highly energetic and upbeat.
  • Costumes and clothes are extremely important factors of a Bollywood dance number. They determine the feel of the dance, and you can wear various costumes to reflect the latest fashions.

The Bottom Line

Online dance classes are an excellent way to learn dance at your convenience. In this pandemic phase, don't stop yourself from dancing at any cost!

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