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What Is Amad In Kathak Dance?

18th Jul, 2022

Indian classical dance is indeed a beautiful form of dance, and one of the most important sectors that you can divide into is Kathak. Kathak as a dance form is coveted and probably one of the most loved and learned forms of dance to date. Not only in India, but you will also see that people from all over the world love to learn Kathak and even search for professional classes to start their journey.

Learn Kathak Beginners - Aamad

No matter which mode of class you join, be it the regular offline classes or if you ever want to learn Kathak online, we can say that many elements are taught in each of these classes. When it comes to Kathak, we can say that even before you start to learn the steps, many elements must be learned first. Once that is done, learning will become much easier.

One such very important element of Kathak as a form of Indian classical dance is Amad. You should learn it if you want to move ahead in the genre of Kathak and actualize their potential. All you need to do is focus on the basics first and then move ahead so that it becomes much more lucid and easy to grasp as well as a student.

Amad In Kathak

Kathak, as a form of Indian classical dance, originated in the northern part of India, and since then, it has spread to other parts of the country and the world. The most promising thing about Kathak is that there has been a lot of importance assigned to the elements, including the nuances and the expression.

For Kathak dancers, the plot matters a lot, and this is what adds to the beauty of the dance form as well. You will see that all of these choreographies are directed toward a particular story and very often then contain communication with Krishna, who is the supreme being and yet someone with whom one can share a loving relationship. These tidbits are indeed very important when it comes to practicing as well as mastering Kathak as a dance form.

If you watch a choreography with precision, it is usually divided into quite a few segments, and the first domain is none other than entrance. Amad in Kathak is the formal term for entrance, and hence that has to be mastered first to excel in Kathak performances, no matter what the genre. The first thing that any dancer needs to do is make an entry to the stage, and hence professional guidance is needed for that as well.

You will see that most dancers perform this particular piece or the Amad at the beginning of the performance. It is usually performed on the patwari bols or the basic syllables of Kathak, which constitutes the basics. Carefully analyzing, it has been seen that Amad is one of those routines traced back to the Mughal era, and the best thing is that it has a sense of grandeur.

To master the sector of Amad in Kathak, the one thing that you have to focus on is to make sure that you listen to the bol or the syllables to make your move carefully. There is usually a grace factor, which can come after you have practiced and given enough time. Amad in Kathak is usually the basic segment taught and is given quite a bit of class.

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From Where Can You Learn Amad With Precision?

This brings us to the most important discussion of the hour, where you can learn Amad in Kathak and if there are professional teachers who can teach you with the best of their knowledge. You can learn Amad in Kathak very easily by enrolling in professional Kathak classes. It takes time to master, but if you allow that time and dedication, it will also make an impact.

The best institution upon which you can depend for constant guidance is Kafqa Academy, which has been quite a professional option. When it comes to the best Kathak dance classes, and that too online, there is certainly no one who is even as half structured as Kafqa Academy. You can trust us, and the professionals are waiting to help you with the journey.

The most important thing we can say in this respect when it comes to mastering Kathak is that along with Kathak classes, you have to practice yourself as well. Learning from teachers and not practising it alone will never render good.


If you are adamant that you want to learn Kathak online and for now want to start with Amad, then there is certainly none that is a better option than Kafqa Academy. Get in touch with us today, and you will certainly have the most amazing journey to learning Kathak from the best dance instructor in the country.

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