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What Do You Need to Ensure Before You Start to Train in Online Hindustani Music Classes?

5th Apr, 2022

Hindustani classical music is a North Indian classical music tradition that has advanced since the 12th century. The tradition originated from a cultural synthesis of various musical streams, such as the Vedic chant that dates back since one-millennium B.C.E.

But before you start to train in online Hindustani music classes, there are some things you need to keep in mind. You need to know if you are ready to start taking Hindustani music voice training and what tips can help you prepare for it.

Basic theory of Indian Classical Music

What is the Best Age to Start Taking Hindustani Music Classes?

As singing does not depend on fine motor skills and coordination with other instruments, the best age to start taking singing classes varies from individual to individual. But when you learn to sing Hindustani music, you will require regular practice, focus and attention to detail.

Students who take singing lessons need to be socially mature to focus in the lesson room and follow the instructions of their trainer. If you are between the ages of 7 to 9, you will be ready to receive such instructions.

What Are the Signs that Indicate That You Are Ready to Start Taking Singing Lessons?

Other than the physical requirements, here are the other signs that show you are ready to take Hindustani classical music:

  • You are Motivated to Sing- if you are motivated to sing, you can progress at a much faster rate and have more success in learning Indian classical instruments. If you are one of those who enjoys music and sings along with radiator or TV programs, it means you are ready to start music lessons.
  • You can Focus for Some Time- if you want to learn how to sing, consistent practice is very important. You need to be able to focus on tasks that take time, and you need to maintain a practice schedule.
  • You need to Schedule a Time to Practice Singing - with other important works, you need to schedule practice time throughout the week to learn Hindustani music. You need to manage practice time, especially if you are a beginner in this field.
  • You are Mature Enough to Commit to This- Individuals can vary as per their age in terms of social maturity. If you can follow the directions well in your singing class, you will have more success in following your trainer's instructions. You can also manage the practice time.
  • You Have the Patience to Work with any Speech Obstructions - If you have a speech disorder, it can be frustrating when you start taking Hindustani music classes. But you are learning to sing with a supportive trainer, they can help you with this problem, and you will improve your confidence.

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Tips Before You Start to Take Hindustani Musical Voice Training

The tips before you begin taking Hindustani music classes are as follows:

  • Take Proper Care of Your Voice - Like a musician taking care of their instrument, you need to be mindful of keeping your voice healthy. You need to avoid screaming and ensure that you are not dehydrated.
  • Warm-up Before you Sing - Before you start to learn Hindustani classical music, you need to warm up. You might damage your voice if you sing loudly without warming up. This essential task is important before you take up any music classes.
  • Train your Ear to Identify Pitch - Ear and interval training are methods that you can use to improve your pitch and become a better singer. Trainers can teach you how to train your ear in Hindustani music lessons, and you need to ensure to practice this essential skill.
  • Practice Singing Every day - If you practice Hindustani classical music daily, you can improve faster than those who practice taking long breaks. If you practice music at least 30 minutes a day, you can progress in this music beyond your imagination.
  • Learn the Ragas talas and Develop a Technique - When you properly learn the ragas and talas, you will learn to sing different songs and can also develop a technique. You will be a better singer, and you will always ensure to deliver a good song.
  • Be Confident in your Abilities - Before you join a Hindustani music class, you need to be confident that you will learn Hindustani music properly and that you will succeed in your endeavors. Make sure to clear your voice and test it before joining classes.

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These factors will help you determine if you are ready to start taking Hindustani music voice training and certain tips that can help you prepare for it.

If you are eager to learn Hindustani music and know that you are prepared to take music lessons, you can proceed further. You can associate with Kafqa academy to start taking online Hindustani music classes.

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