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What Are The Pros And Cons of Online Dance Classes?

25th Feb, 2022

Dance is one of the most beautiful forms of art and creativity. It is the way our body moves rhythmically and creates magic with dance moves.

Dance unleashes the inner artist in one. Dance is known as an impulse and a choreographic form of art.

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If your child is too passionate about this form of art, practice is the main key. Therefore, taking dance classes makes your child the master of various dance forms. Be it Bharatnatyam, Bollywood, hip-hop, or salsa, you need to take regular classes for mastering the art.

With the advanced technologies and the infamous Covid-19, many have been opting for online dance classes. Some like online classes and some do not. Hence, we are here to give you a brief analysis of the pros and cons of online dance classes.

Pros of Online Dance Classes

1. Convenience in Scheduling

If your child prefers online classes for learning dance, they can make your schedule. At least once in their life, they may have felt that the batch is jam-packed. They will fix the schedule that suits you the best in the online classes. They can learn according to your pace. They can take online classes when they have the time.

2. No Geographical Limits

Location should never be an obstacle for your child’s learning. They can choose any academy or any of their most preferred instructors, even internationally. The Internet can connect them, keeping all the obstacles behind so that they can have the flexibility in choosing their preferred academy or dance teacher. If the academy is too far from their location, it cannot stop them. They're just a click away from following their passion.

3. Comfort

Comfort is the most important factor to learn to dance online. Many students feel uncomfortable or feel nervous in the studios. At home, they can dance freely without having the feeling of being judged. Your child doesn't have to worry about how they're looking or how their steps are. They will focus on their movements. Also, if they don't have a mirror they would be less anxious. They can feel their movements rather than see them.

4. Cost-effective

Taking online classes is way cheaper than going to an academy. They will pay the fees periodically, and no other extra costs will be added. They will avoid specific clothing, travelling, and miscellaneous expenses. Thus, it is a very cost-effective way.

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5. Learn At Their Own Pace

Online dance classes are the best means to learn dance for beginners. Not everyone can pick up the dance moves too fast. In virtual classes, your child can record the class. They can learn it at their own pace. They can rewind, fast forward, or slow the content to learn the moves slowly or the way they want. It becomes easier for them to practice as well. They have the option to watch the recorded video of the class anytime they want. Eventually, they adapt to the pace and learn the dance form exactly how they want.

6. Connects You With People

Online classes have one of the most valuable points, i.e., it connects your child with people from different regions of the world. They get to know their classmates and check in with them at the beginning and end of sessions. It gives them a sense of community and socialising through the internet. Socialising and dancing both create a sense of community and bond. They feel leaner towards their passion.

Cons of Online Dance Classes

Good and polished flooring helps move the feet in a free manner. If your child doesn't have a dance-able floor, it can prevent them from dancing. They may slip or get rug burns, or they may fall as well. This becomes a big obstacle during their learning hours, and they stop abruptly.

To Conclude

Taking online dance classes has strong pros and little cons. The most important recommendation will be whether they want to learn to dance online or in person; your child must not stop dancing. Which means to choose will always be up to your judgement. If it is the passion for your child, encourage it. They will succeed for what they love. Online classes develop the social skills and technical skills of your child. It creates a sense of normality and routine. While being in isolation, dance gives them something to carry on with.

Being mentally and physically prepared for dance is something beyond beautiful. Whether your child prefers to learn it online or face-to-face, their focus should not deviate from this beautiful art. What makes them an expert is practice. Hardcore practice and determination can make a dancer an expert. Hence, give your child the wings and let them fly with the moves!

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