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What Are the Benefits of Live Online Classes for Students Over Pre-Recorded Classes

24th May, 2022

One of the unique advantages that the internet has brought is getting information about different kinds of events in real-time. These days, with smartphones' help, it is easy to create a video and publish it in the virtual world and share live news with other parts of the world.

The same can be said for online classes that can be viewed in real-time, and you can also interact with the teachers there. There are multiple advantages of online classes, and this blog will list some of them.

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Benefits of Live Online Classes For Students

Online classes, be it singing or dancing, taught through videos have proven their effectiveness and preference for most users. With the help of live interactive classes, a student can see and hear the teacher, facilitating dynamics and convection that happens in a classroom.

Some of the benefits of live online classes are as follows:

1. It Favours Interaction

With the help of live online classes, teachers can interact with students via chats and comments; this helps to make the class more dynamic. It also helps to encourage debates and allows immediate answers to queries.

In online classes for students, with the help of a simple messaging system, students who are watching can interact with teachers and other viewers.

2. It Helps to Promote Credibility.

A professional teacher who transmits classes in real-time can help to improve the confidence of students and help the teacher be credible. This is also a golden chance for an instructor to show mastery over the subject that they teach.

This will indicate that the teacher feels safe enough to talk to the students as if they were in the presence of their students. This makes attending classes more enjoyable for the students.

3. It can be Watched Later.

Despite online classes being a real-time broadcast, some of the contents might be recorded so that they can be watched later. This can help students who cannot follow live online classes and want to review the classes.

During online learning, when the transmission is finished, the teacher will be able to make the recorded material available for later viewing. There are buttons as well that can allow you to pause, fast forward and rewind the video.

4. Easy to use

An online class may not seem like it, but though it involves technology, it is hard to set up online transmission and not difficult to use it. An instructor's only need is a computer with an internet connection and a connected camera.

All the students need is a computer that has an internet connection and a browser like Firefox and Google Chrome. It is not hard to use online technical devices, and this makes things easy.

5. Work from Anywhere and at any Time

This is one of the most important benefits of live interactive classes. These days, everything is available online, and accessing class materials and submitting work is quite easy. It is up to the student where and when the online class will take place as long as the assignment due dates are met.

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6. Lectures can be Reviewed Instantly.

It is easy to get distracted during a lecture; as per a psychologist from the University of California, students lose focus about five times in a 45-minute class session. But in many online programs, students will be able to review words from their instructors almost instantly.

They do this by either rewinding the audio and video or reading the transcript that comes along with the training. This is why if you have missed one or two classes, you can easily review those classes instantly.

7. There is More Time to think Before Sharing.

There is still a discussion element to online classes, often in a discussion or a forum board. Online students need to create a thought and speak before examining everything.

In online classes for students, students can spend a lot of time thinking about and developing their ideas and skills. This will lead to greater confidence and lead to better discussions.

8. Cost

Though the cost of an online course sometimes can be more than a traditional one, students will save money by avoiding fees related to campus-based education. They can save lab fees, parking, hostels and commuting costs.

9. Availability of Instructor

Talking to an instructor or teacher after class at traditional colleges and schools can be hard. Instructors also have office hours, but it is also only an hour or two each week, with several students waiting for attention.

But instructors who teach online may also have set hours for student interaction; web-based technologies can make conversations with multiple students easier. Instructors can also come online later to answer queries from students.

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