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8 Benefits of Attending Bollywood Singing or Hindustani Music Classes

2nd May, 2022

There are different benefits of learning and performing art, especially in the case of Bollywood and Hindustani classical music. To understand the benefits, you might need to visit some Indian cities where you can find struggling artists and singers who want an opportunity to excel.

If you have wondered why you must take up Bollywood singing and Hindustani classical singing classes, you can read the guide below. Many people enroll in these singing classes as there are several benefits involved.

Benefits of Attending Hindustani/Bollywood Music Classes

There are various advantages to learning Hindustani classical songs and other types of Bollywood songs. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Attending Such Music Classes Acts as a Natural Antidepressant - When you listen to either Hindustani classical music or Bollywood music, it has a calming effect on you. This helps make you feel at ease and become more peaceful, and it also improves your mood and helps you combat depression.
  • Widens your Communication Skills - When you learn how to sing or play an instrument, it can help to enhance your listening skills. When you listen to the beats more carefully in online classes, you can time yourself perfectly when you raise your pitch and drop it suddenly.
    When you practice singing in Hindustani classical music classes, it will help you communicate better. When you learn to sing, you can also express your feelings better. You can articulate things that you cannot speak about musically.
  • Learning Bollywood/Hindustani Classical Music helps to Enhance your Music - As per studies, your memory can be retrieved when you listen to such music by creating and reorganizing previously closed pathways. Many people have improved memory retrieval when listening to such music for ten minutes every day.
    People who undergo Hindustani classical music classes have improved listening skills, and they remember everything that they listened to.
  • It Helps to Depict Your Emotions - Music is said to be the universal language of emotions, and there are about eight basic emotions associated with Bollywood and Hindustani classical music. Those eight emotions are hasa or laughter, rati or love, Soka or mourning, utsaha or enthusiasm, jugupsa or disgust, bhayam or fear, vismaya or wonder.
    All these emotions of Hindustani classical music help you to show your emotions. You will experience different emotions when you learn about such songs in your respective song classes.
  • Learning Music Helps to Reduce Stress Levels - As per a study, music's effects help elevate the state of anxiety. This means that Hindustani classical music classes can be highly effective in reducing stress levels and psychological distress.
    When you listen to such music, it helps regulate the heartbeat to calm it down, and singing also aids in controlling the breath. When you listen to Bollywood, and Hindustani classical music releases dopamine and serotonin. It also helps to balance the levels of cortisol.

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  • It Helps to Build Perseverance - When you learn Hindustani music and other types of Bollywood music, you can learn to be persistent and not fall under any kind of pressure. It doesn't matter how hard a task might be; by listening to such music, you can combat any type of problem.
    A student's patience is tested when they take up online Hindustani classical music classes. It takes time to learn the art of controlling the larynx to create the perfect pitch and pick up the pace with the beats of the tabla.
  • It Helps to Cope with Trauma - Sometimes Hindustani music is also used as a therapy for traumatized children. Children who have PTSD have their 'fight/flight response activated, and singing helps them relax and control their breath.
    When they control their breath, it helps with the high anxiety levels they might have. Music is also known to heal and energies the different chakras that are there in the body. Each of the chakras symbolizes different functions of the soul and body, the healing of these chakras aids in fighting trauma and unhealed wounds from the past. When music is channelized through the chakras, you will feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Learning Such a Form of Music Helps to Create a Spiritual Link - For a singer or a musician, singing or music is their dharma. The principle of dharma indicates the virtues worthy of acceptance that celebrates the natural flow of life without any hindrances.
    Many religions emphasize singing as a way to build a connection with God. This form of music helps us establish this path of communication that aids us to transcend and take the last journey back to the supreme one.

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