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What Are the 5 Most Iconic Hip Hop Dance Styles?

22nd Mar, 2022

Hip hop dance falls under the street dance category, and it has evolved from hip hop music and culture. Hip hop dance started as a freestyle art form performed by talented dance troupes in the streets. Presently, hip hop dance involves solid choreography and has room for improvisation. People tend to perform hip hop in several competitions and dance battles. In this post, you will learn about some of the fantastic iconic hip hop dance styles.

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Learn About the History of Hip Hop Dance

The history of hip hop dance style states that it was originated in the late 1970s in the Bronx, New York City. People used to perform these dances in several locations such as underground venues, clubs, and streets, which is already mentioned earlier. It is one of the most popular dance forms that has gained increasing popularity worldwide.

What Are the Characteristics of Hip Hop?

You can easily recognize a hip hop dance style with the help of specific characteristics that include:

1. Complex Footwork in Hip Hop Dance

Hip hop dance classes place high emphasis on the footwork of the artists. The dancers can pull off every single move in an effortless manner. Dance choreographers tend to push the boundaries in hip hop since there is always enough room for implementing new ideas and concepts. It allows the dancers to find innovative and new ways to draw pictures in their mind and use their bodies as paintbrushes.

2. High Energy Level

Hip hop music comes with heavy beats and is suitable for quick-paced movements. It demands high stamina and endurance; otherwise, that dance will not look sharp and bold.

3. Requires Attitude

Hip hop dancers always stay in style and carry a particular attitude. They are full of confidence, irreverence and boldness.

4. Highly Versatile

Hip hop dance is a highly versatile form of dance. You can perform it with many people or rule the stage alone. It contains a broad range of movements, and this dance style can suit any age and fitness level.

What Are the Iconic Hip Hop Dance Styles?

Now, it's time to learn about some of the iconic hip hop dance styles that are mentioned below in the article:

1. Breakdancing or B-Boying

B-boying is one of the oldest and original styles of hip hop. You can characterize this dance style with the help of acrobatic movements, vigorous dance steps and complex footwork. Dancers often use a term in this form of hip hop style-freeze. Break dancing does not consist of standard moves or routines. The main emphasis is on innovation, movement, energy, a hint of danger and fun. The primary purpose of b-boying is to represent the harsh reality of the streets. Apart from that, B-boying demands specific clothing such as sweatsuits, baggy pants, cool sneakers, and baseball caps.

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2. Funk

Funk is a coalition of Soul and Disco. This particular dance style uses a perfect blend of sharp and fluid movements and is choreographed properly. Funk is a lovely dance form, and you will get to witness it in several nightclubs and video clips. If you have never attended a dance class before, Funk is a terrific way to start your journey. It will provide you with excellent exercise, and you will enjoy it thoroughly. Get admitted in hip hop dance classes and learn Funk to rule the dance floor with style.

3. Locking and Popping

Locking and Popping can technically be two different styles; however, both go hand-in-hand. It demands thoughtful pauses, fast actions, and extravagant gestures when it comes to locking. On the other hand, Popping is a bouncy movement that requires the application of counter tempo. Popping and locking have showered their outstanding contribution to dubstep, hip hop, and other modern dance techniques for quite an extended period. Even if both the terms are used together, they also tend to differ. Locking and Popping tend to overlap; however, they require separate beats to fit their moves. This is one of a kind combination that combines pop and lock.

4. Up Rock

Up rock is a blend of various dance steps. It is a competitive and soulful street dance. You can perform Up rock to the great beats of Rock, Funk and Soul music. Up rock consists of spins, foot shuffles, freestyle motions, turns. Apart from that, it also includes certain hand gestures and sudden jerks in the body. If you want to involve yourself in Up rock, you will have to be disciplined, hold your patience and gather proper knowledge from the experts.

5. Krumping

Krumping is an African American form of dance. A force and pure emotion drive it. Krumping consists of powerful and energetic movements such as chest-bumping. It is a dance style that can boldly express strong feelings.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the iconic dance forms that fall under hip hop dance.

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