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15 Stunning Western Dance Dresses That Will Make You Look Like A Diva

27th Apr, 2022

Dance can be considered the wedding of movement to music; it is something people like to do in their spare time. There are different forms of western dances, and each of them helps people be engaged and stay happy.

But in every western dance, there are different dresses that you need to wear in dance classes. In this guide, you will learn about the different dance dresses you must wear in western dance classes. There are different attires to wear in different western dance forms, and all of them look attractive.

How To Dress Up for Dance Practices

Dance Dresses to Wear in Different Dance Classes

Some of the dance attires you need to wear in a different types of dance classes are as follows:

1. Ballet

  • Clothing- You can wear anything that fits you so that your posture can stay in check; it can be helpful if you can see your ankles to notice check foot positioning.
    Good quality yoga clothes can work well for ballet as the fabric is comfortable and breathable. At improved levels, an all-in-one with leotard, unitard or tights can help to display your dancing skills.
  • Shoes- You can wear soft ballet shoes for different levels of ballet classes; you can prefer socks for the first few classes. Yoga socks are considered the best for this dance form to prevent slipping.
    Pointe shoes need to be worn in pointe classes, and you must ensure that you get your shoes fitted professionally from a dance shoe shop.

2. Contemporary

  • Clothing- Loose fighting clothes and leggings can be great for this type of dance. You need to wear clothes where you can move freely, and layers are the preferred choice as they keep your body warm.
  • Shoes- You can wear contemporary half shoes or remain barefoot in this type of dance. Foot gloves can also be used to protect your feet in advanced levels of classes.

3. Jazz

  • Clothing- You need to wear fairly tight-fitting clothes so that you can easily notice your posture. The same can be said for dresses to wear in hip hop dance classes.
    You can also wear leggings or any other dress where you can move freely in dance classes. Select a dress where you will feel comfortable and can stretch your body.
  • Shoes- in Jazz dance classes, you can wear jazz shoes, jazz trainers or bare feet.

4. Tap

  • Clothing- You can wear fitness or leisure clothes as most of your movement will be from the knee down. But in advanced levels, you need to wear something where you can move freely as there will be full-body movements that include arms and turns.
  • Shoes- You can wear tap shoes no matter the make or style; you need to choose a shoe where you feel comfortable while practicing in dance classes.
    The ones of good quality are a little heavier, so you need to keep this in mind when you are new to tap dancing. You also need to think about the height of your shoe’s heels as you need to do dance steps on your toes.

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5. Street

  • Clothing- Here you can wear loose-fitting clothes that include baggy trousers as they make dance a lot easier. There are steps where you need to hold on to a loose-fitting t-shirt or more material on your trouser, so the bigger, the better.
  • Shoes- Leisure trainers are the best shoes to wear in these types of dance. Leisure trainers do not have as much grip as sports trainers, and you can move quickly and easily across the dance floor.

6. Hip Hop

  • Clothing- You can wear bagger hip hop pants rather than shorts while attending hip hop dance classes. You can wear spandex, yoga pants or sweatpants as well, but you need to ensure that your dress is clean and washed.
  • Shoes- Wear a regular pair of non-marking sneakers for your Hip Hop class. You do not require to invest in a special kind of shoe to attend such dance classes.

7. Bollywood

  • Clothes- To attend a Bollywood dance class, you can wear anything from a t-shirt to leggings, and you need to show your hands. This is because you will do the intricate hand and arm movements.
  • Shoes- You can just wear leisure sneakers or dance barefoot for this type of dance form.

8. Ballroom, Tango, Salsa, Jive

  • Clothing- You can wear dresses that you feel comfortable with and move in for these forms of dances. Shirts, blouses and specific dresses will work well for these dance styles, but they are not necessary to wear.
  • Shoes- A heel can be preferred for a woman, although height depends on the individual. For men, you can wear flat shoes with smooth soles, and you can also wear casual shoes, although dress shoes are best for this kind of dance.

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