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Western Vocals: 9 Exercises that Helps Your Singing Voice

29th Mar, 2022

Professional singers know pretty well that singing can be physically demanding. It requires a lot of energy and stamina to perform on an event or a social platform. That is why singing demands vocal cool-down and warm-up like several other physical activities. If you are inclined towards western vocal, learning about the exercise that helps your singing voice is essential. Check out this article and learn more about them.

Daily Singing Exercises For An Awesome Voice

Why Is Western Vocal Warm-Up a Necessity?

Warm-up in singing is equally essential because it helps their vocal condition be healthy and efficient. It enables the singers to extend their range and sing better comfortably.

What Are the Vocal Exercises for Singing?

There are several vocal exercises that you, as a musician, can apply for your warm-up purpose. You can choose from the broad range of options as per your own choice. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Sigh-Yawn Warm-Up for Western Vocal Classes

In order to perform this quick and straightforward warm-up, all you need to do is take in some air by yawning with your mouth closed. After that, you need to exhale the air through your nose. This warm-up process helps you to improve your range and relax. If you join online singing classes, the trained professionals will help you understand the actual procedure.

2. Vocal Straw for Music Classes

The vocal straw exercise is also termed straw phonation. For this purpose, you need to take a straw and hum with the help of it. At first, you will have to initiate the process at the bottom of your singing range and increase the level at an even and slow pace. In the next step, try singing your favorite song with the help of the straw. Apart from that, you can also insert the straw in a glass that is partially full and blow bubbles in the glass.

3. Humming Warm-Up

Humming is considered one of the essential vocal exercises since it does not exert much pressure on the vocal cords. After that, you need to place your tongue’s tip behind your bottom front teeth and sing the vital scale in an up and down version with your mouth closed. The note should sound like “hmmm.”

4. Lip Buzz Vocal

Lip buzz or lip thrill is incredibly simple among several other vocal warm-ups. The main aim of this warm-up is to create a motorboat sound by vibrating your lips while blowing air through your nose and mouth. You can choose to incorporate pitch slides in the exercise.

5. Jaw Loosening

While singing, it is required to drop your jaw lower when compared to simply talking. Use your finger to trace back along with your jawline from the chin to the ear. That curved spot is the exact location where you will drop your jaw. All you need to do is yawn while closing your mouth and experience the jaw drop. Remember to avoid dropping the chin. You will get to learn more about these exercises in online singing classes.

6. Tongue Trill

The tongue trill can be pretty harsh for some of the singers. It includes curling and rolling your tongue as you raise your range from low to high.

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7. Vocal Sirens

It is pretty similar to the pitch glide. You will have to generate an “oooo” sound that will range from your lowest note to the highest one and back down to it. The sound has the potential to cover the tones between the notes and is continuous.

8. Two-Octave Pitch Glide

It is an easy vocal warm-up. You need to generate an “ohhh” or “eeee” sound while gliding through the chromatic notes. First, you will have to glide up and then back. This will create a transition from your chest voice to your head voice.

9. Vocal Slides

The other term used for vocal slides is referred to as portamento. It is also known as “the act of carrying” in Italian. You will have to slide from one note to another tone that falls under your range in this process. However, you are not supposed to sing in-between the notes in this technique.

Learn the Tips to Receive the Best Out of Practice System

Take a look at some of the tips mentioned below:

1. Western Vocal: Relax

If you want a healthy and good singing performance, relaxing your body is necessary. All you need to do is, inhale, exhale and relax.

2. Release Tension

If you sing with tension, it can damage your voice in the quickest way possible. While singing any note, you need to ensure that your neck looks relaxed and soft. You can stand in front of your mirror and observe your neck.

3. Stand Up Straight

While singing, you will have to stand straight without hunching your shoulders. You need to plant your feet healthily on the ground.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the essential western vocal exercises required for good singing. You can pursue your career in the music industry if you start from a tender age.

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