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Understanding The Relevance of Ksheerasagara In Music

28th Sep, 2022

Many of you would know that when it comes to Indian classical music, there are a lot of mythological references as well, which are equally important. Today we will be talking about one such mythological story, which is indeed very important in Indian classical music, and there has been a lot of composition surrounding the same. Most of you would relate that these stories are not only fascinating, but they are an essential part of our Indian culture, which artists express through our performing arts, including Carnatic music.

Ksheera Sagara Shayana

Ksheerasagara or Ksheera Sagara is one such concept that needs a lot of attention because it is one of the most promising subjects to discuss. Now you might be wondering whether there is any significance when it comes to Carnatic music and why we have to talk about a story to know about music. This is why we think it is essential to talk about the segments in particular so that you know where every composition stems from.

If you want to know the implication of these stories on different kinds of classical compositions, then the best thing to do is get in touch with us at Kafqa Academy. But before that, let us first know the design of Ksheerasagara.

What Is Ksheerasagara?

If you can make it out by the name itself, you will be able to understand that this is a Sanskrit term that refers to two different words used together for a comprehensive meaning. The term's literal sense refers to the milk of the ocean, and time and again, we have seen the mention of this particular ocean which is referred to as the fifth ocean among the seven seas in Indian classics. Furthermore, mythology mentions that this specific ocean is known to surround none other than the planet of Kraunch. According to mythology, it is ultimately that both the Devas and the Asuras took millions of years to turn out Amrita from this particular ocean.

This particular process has been known as Samudra Manthana and constitutes one of the most phenomenal instances of classical music. However, it has taken the Devas and Asuras millions of years to get hold of this particular Amrita; hence, it has immense value because it grants them the ultimate gift, immortality. Moreover, it is under the supervision of Vishnu that this specific activity has taken place, and hence the mythological relevance is significant.

The servant king Vasuki made sure that this Amrita could be churned out and helped immensely for the same. However, once the churning started to take place profusely, an initial layer of poison was released into the air, and it caused the entire universe to come under the deadly clasps of the same. Seeing the fatal situation of the universe, it was ultimately Lord Shiva who took up this poison and drank it so the world could be saved.

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Once the Amrita was churned out, automatically, it created a lot of strife between the two parties, the Devas and the Asuras, as to who might be entitled to the same. However, in due course, the Devas ultimately caught hold of the Amrita and restricted unethical usage of the same.

What Is the Significance of Ksheerasagara in Music?

It is widespread to wonder what is the significance of this particular mythological story in classical music and why we must know the same to build expertise. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that you will see that in Indian classical music and particularly Carnatic music, there is an over-emphasis on mythological stories. A lot of compositions stem from the same. Hence having good knowledge about stories like this gives you an upper hand.

We genuinely think that the concept of Ksheerasagara is indeed fundamental; hence, knowing the relevance of the same gives you an upper hand. Moreover, you will see that the more you move to the more advanced sections of classical music, these sectors will get a lot of attention, and it is fruitful as well.

Mythological stories, in most cases, formed the basis of Indian classical music, which is quite interesting. So the only thing we think is essential in this case is to ensure that you have good knowledge about the stories and not precisely what emotion you need to project.


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