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To People Who Want to Learn Hip Hop Dance but Don't Know How to Get Started

27th Apr, 2022

Have you recently become fond of hip hop dance? The dance form with substantial cultural significance is loved by many. But if you have recently developed an interest in learning it, you might be confused regarding what to do. Here's what a beginner should do to start learning hip hop dance.

3 Simple Dance Moves for Beginners

1. Join Online Hip Hop Classes

A lot of people are wondering how to learn dance online? Everything has shifted to the virtual space, and learning how to dance has been no different in the digital age. Don't think online dance classes aren't as good as offline classes. The online dance instructors will break down the entire routine and demonstrate every step for you to learn. You can also record the classes to refer to them later. It helps you learn at your own pace without having to stay at par with other students in class.

2. Follow Famous Hip Hop Personalities

You will find numerous videos of famous hip hop personalities doing rounds on the internet. You can take inspiration from famous hip hop artists and try to imitate their style. Popular hip hop artists like the Les Twins upload videos from battles and shows which reflect their love and passion for the dance form. You can try to perfect your videos by watching their videos and aim to become as good as them someday. Remember that they became famous only after consistent efforts to improve themselves and master the art.

3. Acquaint Yourself with Popular Terms

When you join hip hop classes for the first time, you will hear a lot of unfamiliar technical terms. Without knowing the meaning of the hip hop vocabulary, you will find it difficult to follow instructions in classes. Your dance instructor might yell out "mark it" inside the class. Marking the choreography means practicing it in your mind. But you should still move your body while doing the entire choreography in your head. You only have to minimize your energy while doing it in your mind. Marking the choreography lets you become more conscious of musicality, timing, and body placements.

4. Develop Your Sense of Musicality

Musicality refers to how hip hop dancers interpret their movements to music. Before you begin dancing, you should know how to count music. Usually, hip hop dancers use an 8-count to segment the structure of music. It helps in understanding when to perform a certain move. If your instructor asks you to move on three, you should count the beats to start moving at the right time. Once you develop a good sense of musicality, you will be able to bring out beats in a piece of music that people haven't noticed before.

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5. Improve Body Awareness

Before you start taking hip hop dance classes, you should train your body. Your body and mind should work together to interpret the music. Close your eyes and think about one body part at a time. Flex the muscles in the body part while you are thinking about it. Since the movement is minimal, it won't be difficult.

But the real challenge is to fully focus on each body part and become aware of it. Getting to know your body will be beneficial to you as a dancer in the long run. You will also have to work on your postures to match the mood of the choreography. Sometimes you need to be laidback, while at other times, your moves should be sharp.

6. Learn About Executing Movements

When the music plays in the club or at a party, you move your body to match the rhythm and beats. It is known as grooving, which lays the foundation of hip hop dance. When you join hip hop dance classes, it will be essential for you to understand how to perform every movement. You need to implement the right amount of energy to meet the requirements of the music.

You will also have to learn about "milking" a move. At the end of every movement, you are not required to put a definitive stop to it. Instead, you will have to effortlessly drag into the next move. But dragging into the next move does not mean you will leave all your moves incomplete. You should change movements in such a way that all of them seem interconnected.

Ending Note

Hopefully, you will no longer have to worry about how to learn dance online. If you are planning to enroll in the best hip hop classes, check out this link now for more informationhttps://kafqa.com/

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