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Tips to Accelerate Your Child's Bharatanatyam Learning Online

25th Jun, 2022

Honing your dance skills by learning Bharatanatyam online might seem like a tough challenge since you are not accustomed to these training sessions. However, in this present era, online platforms are acting as a great boon, thus allowing your passion to flourish despite having a busy schedule.

Do you want your child to master the art of Bharatanatyam while managing their school hours? Opting for these online dance classes might be the ideal solution! Since the kids will be blessed with top-notch comfort and convenience, they will get the opportunity to shape their dancing skills alongside excelling in the academic sector.

Bharatanatyam Flexibility exercises for Kids

However, as your kid's guardian, you have some responsibilities to consider. All you need to do is make the right moves to accelerate their Bharatanatyam learning process. Take a close look at some of the tips mentioned below in this blog, and you will be able to evaluate the right decisions in no time! Dear parents, please stay tuned till the end!

You Need to Ensure Good Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can be a potential barrier in online classes; following the instructions and taking note of them will become extremely difficult for your child. Whether it’s a live class or a pre-recorded training video, access to a reliable internet service is a must1.

Do you want your little kid to sit idle for 15 to 20 minutes because their lesson is buffering? Of course not! If your internet freezes out or drops out in the online Bharatanatyam classes, your child will lose the precious moment of receiving feedback from their gurus. Hence, you need to opt for high-quality connections that will efficiently serve the purpose!

Try to Fix a Mirror on the Space

Have you witnessed huge-sized mirrors in the classical dance classes? These installations are extremely helpful since they will allow your child to look at their body language. Being able to watch the moves and grooves will enable them to identify the room for mistakes. As a result, they get the scope of correcting them in no time. Since their dance teachers will be on the other side of the screen, your child needs to stay more aware throughout the learning process.

Choose a Spacious Room for Your Child

Always avoid the concrete spaces because they are one of the surest and fastest ways of getting exposed to a potential injury. Dance is also a form of exercise, and you need to protect your little one from getting physically hurt. That's why it is essential to look for a spacious area with excellent flooring. Like this, your kid will be able to concentrate on her lessons without getting injured or distracted. A perfect dancing environment is a primary key to achieving success quite effortlessly. Their top-notch dedication and full attention will enable them to hit significant goals in no time!

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Test the Entire Setting Before Session

First of all, you shouldn't wait till the eleventh hour to make the necessary arrangements. Prior to their Bharatanatyam dance classes, you need to ensure whether the internet connection is working fine, there are no distractions in the surrounding area, etc. These precautionary steps will result in a smooth live session without any disturbances and pauses!

Ask them to Practice Outside the Class Times

Attending Bharatanatyam classes two days a week and not practicing the lesson for the remaining five days will certainly not generate a successful outcome. In order to accelerate their learning process, you need to push them to practice their dance during the free hours. With consistency and hard work, your kid will be able to shine bright among others. But, you need to back them up and stand as strong support throughout the process!

Tell Them About the Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

Even if the teacher tells them about the importance of cooling down and warming up, you need to monitor whether your child is following the given instructions or not! In the Bharatanatyam classes, performing specific exercises is mandatory to resist potential injuries. Since some moves and steps might unintentionally push them toward unforeseen scenarios, it will restrict your kids from attending the online sessions for the next few days. As a result, the entire learning process will get immensely delayed! Kids are babies; instilling the right kind of knowledge is your job!

Help Them to Set Goals

Last but not least, setting goals will help your little star to shine by outshining others. Also, it will allow them to stay motivated and encouraged throughout the learning procedure.

Wrapping Up

Experience of learning Bharatanatyam online can be great with the right kinds of measures. You need to make adequate 'moves' so that your child can 'move' without any hassles and hindrances.

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