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Tips on Voice Modulation During Public Speaking

5th May, 2022

Would you like a presentation where the orator is going on speaking simultaneously, and there is a complete absence of any excitement or feeling in his voice? Most of us would find such a presentation very dull and something we would not sign up for. Because of this, it becomes essential to have a bit of voice modulation, particularly when you are addressing an audience or crowd.

Tips To Do Voice Modulation While Speaking | Public Speaking Tips

You might wonder how you can help your child develop these voice modulation techniques and precisely how to guide them to understand which technique to use. Because of this, it is better to enrol your child in professional public speaking training that will guide the young one and ensure that he/she acquires the best skills.

What Does One Mean By Voice Modulation in Public Speaking Training?

Before you sign up your kid for any public speaking course, let us first discuss the important aspects of public speaking and how one can keep the crowd hooked on to the speaker.

If you are new to the field and do not know what public speaking is, it is essential that you first know what voice modulation is and then move forth with the process. You must also understand that voice modulation is indeed an essential public speaking technique, and you have to master the same to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

Voice modulation is a process with the help of which a particular bit of variation is brought to your voice. Always using the same kind of flat tone is not desired, and hence it becomes essential to modulate your voice to keep up the interest. With time and more practice, you will understand that voice modulation is intricate, and with experience, you can bring forth your unique touch to it as well.

Tips For Voice Modulation During Public Speaking

It would not be a misnomer to say that the audience, in most cases, tends to judge the quality of the presentation from the presenter itself and hence voice modulation is indeed essential. Let us discuss some of the steps that one can follow to ensure optimal voice modulation and engage the audience.

1. Understand the Emotion

The one factor which most public speakers fail to keep in mind is that for voice modulation, you have to understand the emotion and exhibit it. If you want your voice to sound melancholic, it has to be processed like that and then exhibited.

Unless you feel the emotion and put yourself in the same shoes, it will be hard to bring that to your voice. Nevertheless, it is one of the most basic ground rules of voice modulation.

2. Practice

You have to keep in mind that you cannot simply excel in a domain like voice modulation without putting in even a tad bit of practice. In most cases, some speakers have practised for years, and still, they do not have the proficiency required. So, try to plug in a pair of earphones and listen to the recorded practice to understand where and how you can improve.

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3. Pauses Are Important

Most public speakers tend to overlook one single important factor: they need to focus on the pauses. Simply reading out a piece of the presentation without pauses will not resonate well with the audience, and they will lose interest in the speaker. So instead, you have to make sure that there are pauses whenever required and in regular intervals.

Do not judge the power of appropriate pauses. Instead, it will help you better understand the presentation and give the audience time to reflect upon what you said. Pauses are also significant when you think of shifting from one voice modulation note to the other.

4. Avoid Fillers

When you are a speaker and want to learn the best voice modulation in public speaking, then it is essential to avoid fillers like "hmmm" or "ummm". It tends to create a very unsettling experience among the ones following your presentation, and you might also seem to be somewhat less prepared. Avoiding fillers is one of the most elementary factors in a field like public speaking, and that is also a part of voice modulation.

5. Listen To Good Speakers

And lastly, to excel in voice modulation when it comes to public speaking, it is equally impressive that you listen to good speakers who have already excelled in this skill. Sometimes, there are a few tips which cannot be taught to you theoretically, but can be learnt only by listening to other speakers. Hence, it is important to observe the experts in order for you to excel. Voice modulation in public speaking is one skill that you can learn better by listening to others.

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