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Thillana Bharatanatyam: All You Need To Know

28th Sep, 2022

Bharatanatyam is an exquisite form of Indian classical dance, and the best thing is that it is much more approachable to the masses. However, at the same time, there are a lot of layers to the domain of Bharatanatyam as well, which adds to the dance form's flavor. Today we will talk about one of the most beautiful forms of Indian classical dance, which is Thillana Bharatanatyam. If you want to know more about it, we cannot deny that you are at the right spot indeed.

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Before we go ahead and explain to you more, the essential thing you have to know is that these might seem complex to the naked eye, but in reality, they are simple and lucid. The sector of every dance is not challenging, and it just gets more comprehensive with time. Thillana Bharatanatyam is a beautiful dance form; the more you pursue it, the more you can enhance it.

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What Does One Mean By Thillana Bharatanatyam?

The name Thillana is derived from a form of music, which is one of the primary reasons why the dance form has been named. Thillana music is a concise piece of rhythmic music, and this is usually performed at the end of a dance recital. One of the primary reasons this is so popular is because it is very attractive and ensures that people ate vested during the dance performance. Not only in Bharatanatyam, but you will also see that Thillana is often used in other forms of Indian classical dance, where the purpose and the characteristics are pretty similar.

Now, if we come to the sector of Thillana Bharatanatyam in particular, this does have a segregated meaning. In this specific form of dance, it is usually seen that the dancers perform together in a host, and the usage of kinetics is relatively far-flung as well. However, we firmly believe that for dancers to master the form of music, it is crucial for them to grasp the rhythm and dance timings.

Elements of Thillana Bharatanatyam

Now it is essential to keep in mind that when it comes to Thillana Bharatanatyam, there are a lot of components, and one of the most critical segments, in this case, is Abhinaya. For Abhinaya, facial expressions are of uber importance, and you must keep in mind the synchronization of the dance recital. Not only that, another very poignant characteristic feature of Thillana in Bharatanatyam is that there is repetitive usage of certain verses, which will enhance the effect of the same.

Not only that, it is almost given that to master the segment of Thillana Bharatanatyam, you have to make sure that you can focus on both dance and your skills as a dancer. If you cannot maintain parity between the elements, the pursuit will be exceedingly difficult in the longer run. Not only that, you will see that when it comes to Thillana compositions, the term "Thillana" has been used in every composition in particular. It was probably in the 17th and 18th centuries that Thillana was composed in the Tanjore Courts.

How Much Time Does It Take To Learn Thillana In Bharatanatyam?

It is widespread for some people to think that Thillana in Bharatanatyam might be very easy because it is a small piece. However, that is not the case, and you need a particular bit of expertise and practice to ensure that you develop the expertise. As you have already seen, a couple of elements need to be learned first, and only then can you focus on the pursuit of the dance form as well. However, we can vouch that if you are under the proper guidance, it should not take you more than a couple of months to master the dance form.

From Where Can You Learn Thillana Bharatanatyam?

If you are serious about learning this form of Thillana Bharatanatyam, finding a suitable class might be a little challenging if you do not have enough ideas. Thillana Bharatanatyam is a specialized sector, so we will always suggest that you get expert advice on the same. You can very well choose to get in touch with us at Kafqa Academy, and we have experts who are waiting to guide you throughout and give you a better understanding of the same. The only thing is that you need to get in touch with us and sign up for an online Bharatanatyam class that can be right for your time frame and start learning.

Watch is beautiful Thillana Bharatanatyam Performance.


There are no two ways you can learn Bharatanatyam online, as only an expert dance teacher can guide you to learn the intricate techniques, postures, hand gestures, etc., and help you adopt this Indian classical dance form intrinsically. Enroll yourself in online Bharatanatyam classes and learn from one of our expert dance teachers.

Get in touch with us at Kafqa Academy today if you need any help while enrolling in the Bharatanatyam dance course. We must tell you that we are pretty well equipped to guide you with Thillana Bharatanatyam and help you learn this beautiful, rhythmic dance form.

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