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The Ultimate Guide To Western Singing Styles, Types and Genres

2nd May, 2022

Western singing is a genre that tends to attract many of us, and the primary reason is that it is very intricate and seems to be quite distinct from the Indian classical music form. If you want to know how to learn western singing, we have one option that is the best in the domain. However, before that, it is very important to understand what the domain is about and whether it will be sustainable for you.

As a genre, the domain of western singing is very well developed, and there are some basics that you must be aware of before you start pursuing the field. Because of this, we will focus more on the types and genres and how you can pursue them depending upon your interest zones.

The Differences Between The Music Genres

Different Types of Western Singing:

The first thing that we will talk about is the different types of Western singing and how they are distinct. All love music, and hence having a piece of good knowledge about Western singing and its various sub branches is very important to kick-start your practice.

  • Western Classical Music
    Just like any other domain, western music also has a very prominent classical music domain which is the basic you want to develop. The western classical music genre is one of the most promising domains, and if you want to understand the basics, then this knowledge is important. For any other domain of music, the classical music branch is like elementary.
  • Country Music
    The other domain of western music, which is equally popular but quirky, is the domain of country music. So in case you love something a little bit folksy, but at the same time equally attractive, then country music is the ideal choice that you have to refer to.
  • Pop Music
    Anyone who loves western music would agree with us when we say that one of the most glorious domains of western music is pop music. It is often referred to as pop culture, which is very popular among individuals who love something which is upbeat and can immediately attract you. Pop music is something which you can very easily fall in love with.
  • Jazz Blues
    Although this domain of western music is completely different and has the most promising approach, jazz blues is something for which you need to develop a taste with time. For many people, this domain is more like a mood which will immediately transport you to another arena.
  • Rock
    The rock head heavy metal is a very fast domain, and it is the most loved by those who do not love slow music. The beats and the combination of notes make it something you can easily love if you have a knack for fast music. It is more of an amalgamation of jazz and country music, and this is what adds to the charm of the music.
  • Hip-hop
    Finally, when we talk about the domain of western music, it is equally important that we talk about hip-hop which is one of the most quirky domains of music, and you can even have a completely different dance form coupled with the music. Hip-hop music lovers tend to have an affinity for the tone of the music, which is very attractive.

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Techniques for Western Singing:

The next thing that is equally important to talk about when we mention the domain of Western singing is the techniques mastered by the individuals. Some of the techniques under this domain include:

  • Full Belt: The full bet technique is very popular, and it is used mostly by those in the domain of pop singing. It is a very common Technique, and it is quite iconic to Whitney Houston, after whom the technique became immensely popular among western singers.
  • Breathy Singing: The next technique equally popular and used by individuals who want to be in the domain of Western singing is breathy singing. It is usually used during those moments in the song where it is comparatively quieter, and you need to create a more breathy ambience.
  • Mixed Belt: The mixed Belt and the full belt domain are identical. However, the basic difference between the two domains of music is that for mixed Belt, it is much more concentrated near the chest area when put in comparison with the full Belt.
  • Voice Break: Sometimes, you need to give a more husky approach to a song, and hence the voice break technique is used. It tends to create an effect of ending, which is quite popular.
  • Head Voice: Lastly, when we talk about techniques used in Western singing, it is imperative to mention head voices. It generally tends to add more of a variety to your songs and makes them distinct.


Western singing is a very popular form of singing that many individuals tend to focus on and if you want to learn, then the best thing to do is learn from professionals. Kafqa Academy, in that case, is known to be one option which conducts some of the best Western vocal classes online

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