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The Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Dance Hip Hop Better Than Adults

25th Apr, 2022

Hip Hop is one dance form that has become exceedingly popular in the past few years, and there is significant popularity about the same among kids. Some kids love the dance form and consequently want to move forth and pursue the same. Not only that, but we have also seen that the number of classes that teach the genre of Hip Hop dance to kids is also entirely on the rise.

Does this consequently mean that there are kids who tend to dance better than adults, and if so, what is the reason for this bifurcation? Indeed, kids fare a bit better than adults when it comes to Hip Hop, be it via the online Hip Hop dance classes or offline ones.

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5 Reasons Why Kids Learn Better Than Adults When it Comes to Hip Hop dance classes:

Kids indeed tend to perform better than fellow adults when it comes to the genre of Hip Hop. But why so? We have tried to decipher the answer in the following points:

1. They Are Not Shy

The first reason that enables the kids to perform better in Hip Hop is that they are free from any inhibitions and are not shy in most cases. Apart from genuinely shy or introverted kids, in most cases, you will notice that they are more accessible during the classes, and hence they tend to pick up better.

When compared to adults, you will notice that kids do not shy away, and hence, it will allow them to perform better on stage. On the other hand, adults often fail to provide their best because of shyness or inhibitions.

2. More Flexibility

The next thing to remember is that Hip Hop is one dance field where you need to be highly flexible, and this is because there is entire body movement and movement of parts. Hence, without a relaxed body, it will become challenging to have the final movement precise and crisp. So more flexibility is something that is a bonus for kids.

Adults often tend to have many medical complications, which do not allow them to move their bodies as freely as kids. Hence, in that case, it is seen that the flexibility makes sure that kids can master the body positions and have the most promising pose.

3. Eagerness To Learn More

Most people reading this would agree when we see that when it comes to kids, there is always an eagerness to learn something new, which, in turn, facilitates better learning. However, one always has to keep in mind that the willingness of knowledge has to be there, and it will, in most cases, have a direct impact on your performance as well, and this is directly evident with kids.

The problem with adults is that although they have the eagerness to learn something which is different and interests them, there is often an added stress which is enough to divert their minds. It is very important to understand that kids tend to function better and perform better because they are more eager to learn.

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4. More Time To Practice

As adults, most of us often do not have the time to devote to practice and hence that acts as a huge deterrent. When you learn a dance form mainly which is new and unique to you, it is essential to devote time to the same and have a better acquisition. However, most adults fail to spend time practicing because of various other commitments, which reflects in their performance.

However, for kids, that is not the case because they often tend to get much more time to practice and also, there is someone who is constantly pushing them to devote more time to practice. Therefore, it is almost a given that more practice will always ensure that you can pick up the nuances better and have a much more promising performance.

5. Can Learn Upon Mistakes Very Quickly

It is psychologically proven that kids can learn from their mistakes very quickly, a quality which is mostly lagging in adults. It is because it automatically ensures that they can grasp the error and develop on it. However, as adults, you have to understand that the ability to establish from mistakes is somewhat compromised, and hence it takes more time than expected.

However, because kids do not have that problem and can Consequently learn from their mistakes very quickly, you can always expect the best. It has a positive impact on the kids' performance as well.

The Bottom Line

It is essential to understand that when it comes to learning Hip Hop dance, there is no age limit as well. But it is given that because of some inevitable factors, kids do have an aptitude for learning Hip Hop better than most adults. Therefore, online Hip Hop dance classes and offline classes can be a great option for kids who are interested in learning this dance form.

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