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The Surprising Connection Between Indian Ragas And Western Singing

2nd May, 2022

If you find a lot of interest in Western vocals and want to pursue it more, then the best thing to do is understand how even the western field of music is influenced heavily by Indian Ragas. Those who know even a bit about singing would relate that both these concepts are closely related to each other, and the primary factors remain pretty overlapping.

Not only that, Indian Ragas is not only an essential part of Indian classical music, but it tends to influence other forms of music as well because it is so old. It is believed that before most other forms of singing, the Indian ragas had their origin and the culmination today is simply beautiful.

Explanation the difference between Indian and Western music

What Are Indian Ragas?

The Indian ragas are an essential part of classical music, and it allows you to understand the basics and then develop in due course. The Indian ragas are usually divided into seven sections, and any song you listen to is a combination of these ragas, making it more beautiful. Therefore, when you first start learning music, ragas will be one of the first lessons you have to learn to understand the inception of Indian classical music.

The entire meaning behind the ragas is to make sure that the audience feels a particular emotion, and in most cases, they are also in compliance with the particular time of the day. Therefore, for anyone who wants to learn Indian classical music and better understand the field, it is essential to focus on the ragas and learn them in due course to excel in the field. The word raga is derived from a Sanskrit word which means colours, and raga is essentially the different colours of music.

How Are Indian Ragas Related To Western Singing?

It would not be a misnomer to mention that since its inception, the Indian ragas have not only been loosely related to western singing, but it has also heavily influenced the field. Music can connect people, and that is something which has been portrayed time and again when we see that two such different types of singing can be related together. Today numerous singers have even taken up the initiative a notch higher and ensured that they can bring something new yet relatable to the audience.

If you know even a bit about western classical music, then it would be known that the domains of Indian and western classical music are related, and ragas are one point where you will find the most similarity. The ragas are usually a combination of notes that are used to express various emotions, which stands true for western music. Although they are named differently, the underlying meaning stands the same.

Can Western Music and Indian Ragas Be Used Together?

Yes, it is now a known fact that the field of Indian ragas and western music can be very easily clubbed together so that you can bring something new to the table. This is a very new and exciting domain for listeners as well because it gets forth something for everyone. Not only the Indian singers but also bands that tend to bring forth the Indian ragas very beautifully and bring an amalgamation of the most beautiful notes. You will be able to realize that if you know well about the Indian ragas, with time, you will be able to assimilate them with other forms of music as well.

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The European genre of music is also heavily influenced by Indian ragas and the age-old. Opera music has also seen many newer additions instead of ragas. You have to understand that music is something which cannot be made watertight, and hence every individual will have their very own rendition. The idea is to make sure that we can always make the best out of both Indian and western singing and make something unique.

Is It Possible To Learn This Genre?

It is essential to understand that because the field has not yet been much talked about, people do not know much about it, and hence the number of professional classes which teach this genre is shallow. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is take up individual classes for each genre and then bring forth your variety to the domain.

The Final Wrap

One such great option from where you can learn both Western and Indian classical music is Kafqa Academy. They are known to run the most successful online music classesand the best thing is that you do not need to attend these classes physically. You can relax at your home, and the class will be conducted. The professionals who take up the classes are also good enough, and they will be able to guide you in the domain of Indian and Western singing. 

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