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The Orff Approach to Children's Western Singing Education

6th Jun, 2022

Parents always want the best in their children. And when it comes to music education, they want their children to have an inclusive learning experience. Hence, many parents go with an Orff approach to help their children adopt western singing and make it a part of their future.

The Orff Approach

Let us now discuss what an Orff approach in music education is. The Orff approach is a way of training children on music that includes singing, dancing, acting, and using percussion instruments to engage their minds and bodies so that they can adopt a music form whole-heartedly in their lives.

A music teacher who uses an Orff approach in their western vocal classes online may use metallophones, xylophones, and glockenspiels. The training system in an Orff method is distinguished by including an element of play in the classes, which allows children to learn at their own pace.

The Orff method, sometimes, is also called "Music for Children," Orff-Schulwerk, or Orff approach.

How Does Orff Approach Benefit Children?

Many music instructors these days use the Orff approach in their western singing classes online to train students to adopt the concept of music. It is a method of introducing music and teaching the same to children at a level that they can easily understand and comprehend.

Children learn the concept of music through methods like singing, dancing, chanting, body movement, drama, and playing percussion instruments. The trainer will always encourage children to indulge in the music through improvisation, composition, and supporting a child's natural sense of play.

Music Instruments Used In The Orff Method of Music Education

In the Orff classroom, a teacher mostly uses folk music and music composed by the children in the classroom. They also use some of the percussion instruments in the Orff classroom. These include xylophones (soprano, alto, bass), metallophones (soprano, alto, bass), glockenspiels (soprano and alto), triangles, castanets, maracas, cymbals (finger, crash, or suspended), bells, tambourines, gongs, timpani, bongos, and steel drums.

A music instructor may also use other instruments like Claves, djembe, cowbells, rainmakers, tone blocks, sand blocks, vibraslap, and wood blocks, in both pitched and unpitched forms in their classroom.

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How Can You Distinguish An Orff Approach In Western Singing

There is no set Orff curriculum in existence. Despite the fact that Orff teachers use a variety of texts, musical instruments, and indulgence of students as a part of their teaching framework. Orff teachers create their own lesson plans for music education, which they adapt to the size of the batch and the age group of students in the class.

A teacher, for example, may choose to sing a poem or read a story in western singing classes online. The instructor then may ask students to take part by selecting instruments to represent characters or sing words from the story or poem.

Students add sound effects to the story or poem by playing the instruments they choose as the teacher helps them practice the same again. The teacher then adds some Orff instruments and ensures more indulgence of students in the class.

The teacher then may ask students to play Orff instruments or add other instruments to the class to create an environment where everyone takes part in it and enjoys every bit of the music session in the class. The teacher may ask every student to take part in the act in order to keep all of them engaged in the western vocal classes online.

Concepts A Student May Learn In An Orff Method

Music instructors use the Orff method of teaching in their western singing classes online so that each student can learn their best in the class. Students get to learn about rhythm, harmony, melody, texture, form, and other components of music as their teacher uses the Orff technique.

Speaking, chanting, singing, dancing, acting, movement, and playing instruments are all kinds of methods for students to acquire the intricate concepts of music. These newly acquired concepts serve as springboards for students who want to further their creative endeavors, such as improvisation and music composition.

The music teacher in an Orff classroom acts as a communicator as they give instructions to the excited and eager group of students with an experience they enjoy throughout the classroom session. They choose some students as instrumentalists while the rest of the class sings along as the teacher chooses a song for the classroom session.

The music instructor may choose notations for students which are simple for them to comprehend. The teacher also provides notes to students so that they can enhance their indulgence in the classroom session.


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