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The Different Types Of Hip Hop Dance And Street Dance You Need To Know About

30th May, 2022

Different street dancers might appear to be quite different if you observe them carefully. Because street dance or Hip Hop dance is not a particular dance style but rather a catch-all word for all dance genres that have their beginnings 'on the streets,' this is the case. Furthermore, each dancer aspires to develop their own distinct style within the dance form they perform.

Hip Hop has grown into far too many varieties to mention since its start in the early 1970s. Hip Hop dance, often known as Street Dance, is an edgy, dynamic, and forceful urban dance form. Hip Hop, which began with locking, popping, and crumping, is mostly performed in rap, urban, and, of course, Hip Hop music. Dancers usually wear funky, high-top dancing sneakers.

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Hip Hop is distinguished from other dance forms by its unique street dancing, which is freestyle and does not follow a specific choreography. Hip Hop dancers were allowed to interpret the dance in whatever manner they wanted, and this resulted in a number of inventive and intriguing choreographies.

Types Of Street Dance And Hip Hop Dance

Locking, Hip Hop dance (also known as Hip Hop freestyle or new style), popping, house (sometimes known as house dance), and breaking are the most popular street dance genres (aka B-Boying or its media-created name breakdancing). We will go through each of the types of Hip Hop dance briefly in this article.

Locking Dance

Locking appears to be lighthearted and cheerful. This is likely due to the fact that the music is funk, which is performed by actual musicians rather than being manufactured by a machine and hence seems much more alive.

The second aspect is that many of the motions were inspired by comedic characters that were on TV at the time the dance was formed. Some of the titles even allude to the figure that inspired them - Scooby-Doo and Tom and Jerry are two notable examples.

According to mythology, the 'lock,' which gives the dancing style its name, was established after American dancer Don Campbell tried but failed to master a move called the Funky Chicken.

Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop dancing is a popular youth-oriented street dance style that is generally done to its own genre of music. It includes a range of styles, primarily b-boying, locking, and popping. It emerged from a subculture popularized in the United States by dance groups.

Hip Hop is a freestyle dancing form with methods originating in social dances and other influences from the origins of Hip Hop culture. Other dance traditions, ordinary movements in nature, or even imaginary characters from movies are all possibilities. Hip Hop dancing may take on many different forms, depending on the dancer. The dance's ultimate flavor comes from the individual interpretation of the movement and melody.

Popping Dance

Another style that emerged on the west coast of the United States is popping. It moves at a slower rate and is characterized by pops or strong muscular contractions. Dance music was imbued with a highly precise and robotic sense as music production changed from performers with equipment to drum machines and synthesizers, which further defined the aesthetic of this style.

Poppers employ isolation tactics to make seemingly impossible moves, and the style is sometimes used as a catch-all phrase for comparable styles, despite the fact that the pioneers of these styles disagree and have their own names for them.

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House Dance

House dance is distinct from the other styles on this list for several reasons. It originated in Chicago and New York. It is the only type that uses house music as its soundtrack; the others utilize funk or Hip Hop.

While the upper body and arms of the dancers are normally relaxed, the technique emphasizes rapid and sophisticated footwork. The moves and combinations are a kaleidoscope of diverse civilizations, including influences from African dance, Latino dance, Native American dance, and others.

Breaking Dance

New York City's the Bronx, where Breaking Dance began. It served as a creative outlet for the kids and is regarded as one of hip-four hop's founding ingredients. Acrobatic movement and a concentration on ground maneuvers distinguish breaking from the other forms, which emphasize dancing while standing up.

Funk Dance

Funk, which combines Disco and Soul, employs a combination of flowing and sharp movements and is generally highly choreographed. This dancing technique typically includes locking and popping.

Liquid Dance

Liquid dance is a flowing and delicate dance with a focus on the arms and palms, as the name suggests. It may incorporate pantomime, and excellent dancers may employ a variety of body movements.

Bottom Line

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