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The Best Age To Learn Kathak Dance: A Comprehensive Guide.

4th Apr, 2022

Do you want to get your kid enrolled with a potent academy so that they can start to learn Kathak online? Even many adults want to learn Kathak all over again but are too shy to start with the process. We have tried to make this choice much easier for you and put a comprehensive view of which age can be perfect for learning Kathak.

It is equally important to understand that Kathak is one of the most classy forms of Indian classical dance, and there are avid patrons from all around the world who hail from not only different ages but have also started learning quite late in their life. Kathak is an intricate yet beautiful dance form that can be mastered with guidance and perseverance.

Right Age For Learning Indian Classical Dance?

Which Is The Best Age To Learn Kathak through a Dance Academy, Whether it is Online or Offline?

When you get enrolled with a professional dance academy, no matter what your age, they will let you know that there is no age bar when it comes to learning a dance form. Learning certainly does not have any compartmentalised age limits, and you can start learning at any juncture of your life. But, of course, it would help if you had devotion and practice to start learning, which can essentially come at any age of your life.

Kathak is one of those dance forms which has been the oldest form and yet even today people from all over the world have developed a keen interest in the same. They want to know more, and not only kids but also some adults tend to fall in love with the dance form.

Kathak is probably the only dance form you can start learning at any juncture of your life because the more mature you get, the more poised your steps will be. It is true that to perform any form of Indian classical dance, you need to have a knack for it and maturity to analyse that each level has its beauty. Hence even if you are an elder and want to pursue the passion, you should certainly go forth with it.

However, it is also important to understand that ideally, the best age to learn Kathak is during the formative years of childhood. Wondering why? The childhood years are best so that you start early, and the learning is also faster because the complications are much less. Therefore, even if you want to join and learn Kathak online, the childhood years are the best to start.

According to a recent study conducted by the Indian classical dance centre, it was seen that children who belong to the age group of 8- 14 are mentally more prone to pick up the steps and ensure that their learning process is more consolidated. This is because they will have very few inhibitions, which will help you with the learning in the longer run.

What Can Facilitate You in Learning Kathak?

When you join a dance academy, you will be able to analyse that it is not only age but other factors that will help you to pick up the dance form easily. You can belong to any age group, and this should not hinder your learning process, provided that you are ready to learn. Some people belong to the 30-40 age group, and yet they pick up the dance form because they have the readiness to learn. You can be a kid, but if there is no interest, it will not help you learn.

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Major Factors that Might Help You to Learn Kathak Irrespective of the Age Barrier is -

  1. Readiness to Learn - Your age will not have much impact if, as a dancer, you are ready to learn and pick up the habits. Kathak as a dance form is not difficult; however, it is very technical, and thus individuals need to be keen to learn. If there is a lack of interest on the part of the learner, then it will certainly not facilitate, and you will not be able to learn even if you are from the socially right age group.
  2. Good Instructor - Not only the age or the readiness to learn, but you also need to have a good dance instructor who will be able to help you with the learning process. If you have a good teacher, they will help you learn the dance steps and make you fall in love with Kathak as a dance form. A good teacher can certainly make all the difference, and hence you need to find one who is best for you!
  3. Practice - Last but not the least, it would be a complete misnomer if we do not mention the factor that you need to practice well and hard irrespective of your age to learn and master Kathak as a dance form. The more you practice, the better it will be for you because it will shape your steps and make sure that you can understand what the form requires from the dancers.

The Final Wrap

Learning Kathak should not be hectic, and this is one of the major reasons why we suggest you get in touch with Kafqa Academy. We are a preferred dance academy for offering best-in-class Kathak training to students from beginners to advanced levels. We are known to offer one of the best options to help students learn Kathak online. So, no matter their age bracket or expert level, we will always have suitable classes for you to learn from. 

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