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The 10 Best Western Freestyle Dance Tracks To Get You Moving

30th May, 2022

Music is a crucial component of every gathering. When it comes to party music, it does not get much better than Western music. These freestyle dance tracks, unsurprisingly, have become global party hits. Regardless of how bad your dancing moves are, the intensity and pulse of the music compel you to get up and dance.

Freestyle dance tracks awaken the wild beast inside you, ready to take your dance expression to new heights. Bollywood songs are ideal dancing anthems for many types of events because of their appealing rhythmic structure and unique lyrics.

Top 10 Songs to Get Everyone on the Dance Floor

Read this article to learn about the best Hip Hop dance tracks and also how you can find the best Hip Hop dance classes. The following is a list of the best Hip Hop dance tracks. If you are a fan of freestyle dance tracks, you will definitely love the list.

Best Freestyle Dance Tracks

On The Floor By Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull

What happens when a pop queen and a well-known rapper collaborate? That is what they do: they generate a smash hit. This song dominated YouTube, with over 1 billion views. It is one of the most successful tracks of all time. You can not resist dancing if this track plays in the background.

Stereo Love By Edward Maya

With this huge smash, Edward Maya shattered every scene. It was on repeat. Everyone danced to the same rhythms over and over again, demonstrating how well this song went over with the partygoers. Maya also performed it multiple times in India.

I Gotta Feeling By Black Eyed Peas

Cheer to the best band in the globe! BEP delivered one blockbuster after another at the height of their stardom until the group ruled every party scene. All of them were massive, but this one established a new standard. Their songs are best and most widely used for Hip Hop dance classes.

When the Black Eyed Peas collaborated with David Guetta on this rocket, they got the dancing bug. "I Gotta Feeling" debuted at number two, trailing only "Boom Boom Pow." It dethroned "Boom Boom Pow" in a week and remained number one for 14 weeks. If you play this at a gathering, even toddlers will begin to hum along.

Play By David Banner

On this sexually charged track from Certified, David Banner is as crazy as he wants to be. Banner's whispery raps, in which he encourages his sexual interest to "play with it," are supported by a smooth Collipark rhythm. Nobody knows how a song this bizarre got to No. 7 on Billboard.

Stanky Legg by G.S. Boys

It is a 2-double-Oh-8 year. And the G.S. Boyz's smash tune "Stanky Legg" has captivated the country. Then there's the multifaceted dance move that goes with the tune. When U.S. soccer sensation Jozy Altidore uses it as his touchdown celebration after scoring against El Salvador, the song acquires even more prominence and press.

I Just Wanna Love You By Jay Z

A club-ready melody inspired by real-life situations, according to Jay Z. "I Just Wanna Love U," marked the start of a long-lasting collaboration between Jay Z and Pharrell/The Neptunes. After listening to "I, Just Wanna Love U (Give It to Me)," Britney enlisted The Neptunes to create her self-titled album.

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Laffy Taffy By D4L

Thank your lucky stars if you have gone your entire life without hearing D4L's "Laffy Taffy." That was not an option when the song first appeared in 2005. It flowed from every speaker and rocketed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. "Laffy Taffy," the mother of all snap songs, is built around a basic synth line, hand snaps, and a chant that is so repetitive that you will never forget it.

Shoulder Lean By Young Dro

"Shoulder Lean" erupted from the depths of Atlanta's Bankhead at the pinnacle of dance rap, with Young Dro leading the assault. Dro is joined on the hook by T.I., while the beat is handled by another Grand Hustler, Lil C. This is considered one of the best hip-hop dance tracks in the world.

In Da Club By 50 Cent

Nobody knows the drum and loop combination like Dr. Dre. His drums have a way of reaching out and grabbing your soul. His loops are sure to never leave your head once you have encountered them. That masterful combination of lethal percussion and a lethal loop, along with 50 Cent's tune flow, is what makes "In Da Club" a party staple.

Hypnotize By The Notorious B.I.G

Biggie Smalls' "Hypnotize" is a classic. He begins with a brag ("Hah, sicker than your mean") before launching into a spitting game to the accompaniment of a hypnotic D. Dot beat. Puffy tries to distract you ("Take that, take that"), but believe us, you can still move through it all.


Hope these freestyle dance tracks helped you to understand a bit about Western music. If you are planning to learn dance online, you must not look beyond Kafqa Academy, as we provide various dance classes, including online Bollywood dance classes and Hip Hop dance classes. Contact us right away if you need any help while enrolling yourself.

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