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Story Telling Examples: 8 Inspiring Oral Storytelling Examples For Kids

14th Jun, 2022

When we talk about storytelling for kids, there are many factors that we can teach. Along with entertainment, one of the major reasons why it is important to make sure that the kids have an interest in oral storytelling is to teach them some morals as well.

We have tried to talk about 8 storytelling examples that are great for kids to learn from. It is very important to make sure that kids learn narrative storytelling examples from online storytelling classes and that they do not lose interest in the process.

Since time immemorial, we have learned a lot from these stories, and doing the same with your kids is also very important. One thing which has been noted very commonly is that just telling kids a few lines do not suffice in most cases. Hence it is important to make sure that they learn in a more interactive pattern, and what better than stories. The storytelling examples that we will talk about today are great for kids and their overall holistic learning.

8 Inspiring Story Examples for Oral Storytelling

Although there are tons of stories about where you can teach kids, we will talk about 8 all-time favorite choices in this domain:

1. The Hare and Tortoise Story

If we are talking about great storytelling, an example is the story of the hare and the tortoise. It is indeed one of the most inspirational ones that you can narrate to kids. It talks about a hair and a tortoise participating in a race together. However, as the story proceeds, it is seen that the hair who was over smart and overconfident in his strength finally lost the race to a tortoise who was much slower than him. The story of the hare and the tortoise can teach the kids that overconfidence is not something you should opt for as it causes perils.

2. Empty Vessels Sound Much

The next storytelling example that we will talk about is about empty vessels. If you have two vessels and one is empty and choose to drop coins in both, what happens? The hollow or empty vessel makes much more noise than the one filled up. The moral of the story is that people who do not have much knowledge or depth will always talk much more than people who have the quality in them. It is your choice to select which side of the story you want to be in.

3. The Two Gardeners

The next story you can choose to narrate to your kids is ‘The two Gardeners.’ It is about learning to let go. There were two neighbors who grew the same kind of plants but one was too fussy and took extra care of the plants and the other did only the necessary. One day when a storm came, the plants of the fussy neighbor were destroyed but the others were still rooted as they had learned to adjust on their own. The moral here is to let go so that one can be independent and work on their own.

4. You are as Brave as You Think

The story talks about five elephants roped into a circus tent, and they never try to break out from it. It was a disjunction that a man came in and asked the trainer why they never break away from it when they have the strength in them. The trainer replied that the elephants had been kept hostage since their childhood, and it has conditioned them to think that they are fragile. Hence it is all in the mentality, whether you are brave or not, and what is your upper limit.

5. The Mouse and The Lioness

This story is about a proud and fierce lioness who pricked her paw but decided not to seek help. However, a little mouse helped her remove the thorn on her paw. The story tells us to be humble no matter what our position is.

6. The Dove And The Bee

The story revolves around the plot of a dove and the bee meeting each other while the bee is in a critical situation and the dove sweeps in to save it. After a few days, the situation changed, and it was seen that the dove was in a much more critical condition where he was about to be shot by an archer. However, the bee notices it and stings the archer, and saves the dove from the peril. The story is a great testimony of how good always comes back.

7. Grapefruit is Sour

All of us know the story about the fox who tried to get hold of a bunch of grapes from the tree but, even after trying numerous times, could not succeed. He went away from the tree partnering that grapefruits are, which points to one of the innate tendencies that we tend to show.

8. Value And Self worth

And finally, this story talks about a speaker who experimented with a 20-Dollar note which he crumbled and stamped with his foot. He asked after that whether anyone from the audience wanted it, and all the hands went up. This shows that value never dies.


There are a lot of online storytelling courses that are very well developed and ensure that your kids learn not only the techniques but also the values of life. The best online storytelling classes are conducted by Kafqa Academy currently.

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