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Epic Ramayana Story of Jatayu's Sacrifice

14th Jun, 2022

The concept of joining a storytelling course was not very well spread until the past few years until digitization became the norm of the new world. It can be said that storytelling is not only a casual hobby but a domain from which you can pick up tons of nuances and ensure that you learn something fruitful for your future.

If we talk about the professional classes which focus on storytelling online, then you must enroll your child in the course offered by Kafqa Academy. We have expert instructors who have years of experience in storytelling, and they can make children enjoy the experience and eventually become confident storytellers.

Storytelling is an essential inclusion, and you should make your kids well versed in this field and instill in them an interest to go forth and learn storytelling. There are usually a lot of stories that a child can learn from, but we believe that the story of Jatayu is one from which your kid can learn so much.

What Does The Story Depict?

When you first start with professional storytelling courses, you must ensure that the moral-based stories are taught. It stands true specifically for kids because it is vital to make sure that they learn the teachings in daily life.

Jatayu in Ramayana is one such character who has always been accepted as the embodiment of sacrifice, and hence, even kids must get to know what kind of personality this character portrays. All of us Know that Ramayana is one of the most famous epics ever to exist in the subcontinent of India, and it is our immense pride as well.

The presence of Jatayu in the storyline was seen when Sita was abducted by Ravana and was taken with him to his own Kingdom. It was at this juncture that Jatayu, the mighty eagle came to the rescue and wanted to stop the abduction. However, not being able to fight with Ravana, it was eventually seen that he lost the wings because Ravana chose to sever them.

The most important storyline of this epic is that Jatayu stood up for the truth, and in the pursuit, he ended up losing his most crucial wing and his life. The sacrifice Of jatayu will always be remembered as one of the most selfless sacrifices.

It is vital to make children realize that sacrifices are an essential part of their living, and at some point, they have to make small sacrifices for others. The best way to teach them these life lessons is with the help of stories, and hence we suggest you go forth with a professional storytelling course offered by Kafqa Academy.

Where Can You Learn These Stories For Storytelling?

If you are looking for a place where you can get started and learn these stories for storytelling, then we have the best option for you. We have been in this industry and have quite an experience in teaching children to tell stories.

It is an online session that ensures that students who sign up with us are taught the levels in the right pitch and tone. When we talk about the sacrifice Of Jatayu in Ramayana, there must be certain modifications in the voice that can bring about the reality of the story.

The professional teacher will make sure that children understand this sacrifice, and not only that, factors like the pitch, voice quality as well as the throw are equally essential aspects. When you start learning stories of a particular genre, having a clear concept is very important, and that is precisely why we suggest you go forth with professionals like us.

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Once you sign up with Kafqa Academy, we will ensure that you do not have to worry about anything, and our trainers will take the best measures. Not only that, many people are sometimes worried because online classes do not seem to be viable. But, we at Kafqa Academy make sure that children learn the skills of great storytelling.

However, be rest assured that this is not the case with us at Kafqa Academy, as our trainers are incredibly diligent. Each of the classes will take place with precision, and the necessary details will be provided to the students so that they can grasp the knowledge better and practice it.

The professionals under whom your child will be learning have been practicing in the field as storytellers for years. The expertise certainly works in favor and ensures that they have the most practical knowledge that they can rely on while teaching your children.


When you look for classes that teach storytelling online and particular genres like the Jatayu story or the Mahabharata story, it is vital that you look for suitable options like us - Kafqa Academy. Our professional instructors will ensure a great storytelling experience for your child.

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