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7 Reasons Why Public Speaking Should Be Taught in Schools?

16th Mar, 2022

Did you ever notice the difference between those sitting in the audience and those at the stage conducting events? The simple difference could be the latter were taught how to face gatherings and speak in front of them.

There are many advantages of taking public speaking classes, and some of the most prominent leaders in the history of this world know how to speak well in public. Thus it is vital to teaching young kids the power of persuasive speaking to benefit their future. Through public speaking, many bold, confident and expressive entrepreneurs and leaders are born.

Why Public Speaking should be Taught in Schools

Importance of Public Speaking

Public speaking is essential due to the following reasons:

1. It Helps Students to Form Connections

The essential task for a young adult is to have connections with the right people, and public speaking is the most preferred way to have connections and build relationships. But some people find it very hard to approach others and start a conversation.

This holds them back from having the opportunity to form an association with an individual who can help them grow. Thus it is important to educate students about the importance of public speaking and story telling, and they can get rid of hesitations and communicate with the right people.

2. It Empowers them to Organize and Lead Events

Important events need to be led by influential minds and those who do not hesitate to speak their explanation and intensify it. This is because when they are confronted with opposition, they can speak for themselves and their associations.

For example, in 1942, Mahatma Gandhi’s address on the Quit India Movement not only helped to ignite the flame of nationalism and patriotism but also helped the Indian National Congress pass the famous Quit India Resolution.

This movement was one of the reasons that India got independence in 1947. Therefore, a powerful address by a man is capable of changing the politics of an entire nation. This is exactly what public speaking is, and it is important for the young generation.

3. It is Essential for Success in Work-Life

You have to present yourself in every workspace, and if you do not speak up, you will be pushed to a corner. You could be in marketing, PR, or editorials; it does not matter, you will always come across situations where you need to explain it in a minute, or you are deprived of what you want.

It could be for presentations or pitches, you will be offered chances to speak every now and then, and if you do not make use of the opportunity, you may lose what you already have.

If you are to speak in a room full of people who are stronger, wiser and more experienced than you, you might need to practice for ages. You need to know the ways of speaking in such situations, and it will be easy for you if you have already developed a speaking habit.

4. It Boosts Personal Growth

There is nothing that will provide you more confidence than delivering a good speech, and that is when you know that your words have power and you can change things in a minute. Public speaking only helps to improve your self-esteem and inspires you to work harder.

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5. It Helps You to Excel in Your Academics

If you are a proficient speaker, you will be a proficient student as well. When you can speak comfortably in front of others, you develop the ability to speak in class. For instance, the child participates in class, answers questions and volunteers in discussions and is active throughout the year.

6. It Aids in Constructing Listening Skills

If you know what is public speaking, you will know that we listen to something so that we can understand, gain knowledge, respond to it and learn something from it. There is a difference between ‘listening’ and ‘hearing’; hearing is recognizing the noises, while listening is being aware of the incoming noises. It also helps in understanding the process of story telling.

7. It Helps to Progress in Pronunciation and Vocabulary

Both vocabulary and pronunciation are linked and depend on one another. For example, if you have an incorrect pronunciation, then the known vocabulary will not be effective. With the aid of public speaking, kids can progress in both these essential areas.

This can happen by daily practicing speeches, writing them and gaining proper guidance in delivery. This may help to improve pronunciation and discover new vocabulary.

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