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Rasa Sutra and the Factors of The Art Construction

30th Aug, 2022

Rasa Sutra is a significant factor; hence, one needs to learn about the same to understand Bharatanatyam's field better. We cannot deny that the importance of the Rasa Sutra in classical dance is innate; hence, learning about the same for better consolidation of the learning process is very important. Today we are going to talk about the Rasa Sutra, which is very important; all you need to do is start from the basics.

When we talk about the field of Rasa Sutra, there are a lot of domains to be understood, and hence we will be talking about the same. It is often believed that sage Bharata, the proponent of Bharatanatyam, has spoken about the concept of Rasa in great detail for a better understanding.

concept of Rasa, Rasa sutra and Asta Rasa-s

It is essential to remember that Rasa is one of the most critical components and the building block for many dance choreographies. Without having a good idea about this particular component, it will not be possible to carve anything fruitful for this specific dance domain.

Understanding The Meaning of Rasa in Bharatanatyam

Now we directly come to the concept of Rasa and why it is so crucial in Bharatanatyam. If you know a little about the field, you would agree that this is one dance genre with a lot of small concepts that come together into a beautiful amalgamation. However, you have to learn about each of the domains in detail.

Now Rasa is a very widely used concept and quite popular in Bharatanatyam. All of us know that one of the most important reasons why many people come to watch any dance performance is to elicit the right kind of emotion and feel the pleasure of watching such a beautiful art performance. The ultimate prerogative ensures one can elicit that emotion or response from the audience.

It is often said that if a dance performance can elicit a lot of emotions in front of the audience, it is a better performance as well. However, at the same time, it is essential to remember that to elicit emotion, the audience must be aware of the same. Hence this index knowledge is often referred to as Rasa Sutra, which is one of the essential concepts of Bharatnatyam.

In the most simple words, we can say that the Rasa Sutra is a factor in the construction of art which is known to be one of the contributing factors when it comes to the ravishing of the Rasa. When we talk about any skill, be it dance, music, or painting, the ultimate idea is to make sure that the aesthetics can be achieved; hence, it is indeed a significant factor. However, at the same time, Rasa is a concept that is not understood by many as well.

Components of Rasa Sutra

Now when we talk about Rasa Sutra and the importance of the same, it is essential to make sure that we talk about the domains as well. Two of these factors are:

1. Vibhasas

Now the most simple explanation we can give about Vibhasas is that it is the objective condition leading to the production of emotions. There are many contributing factors when it comes to any emotion, and these can be both subjective and objective. The objective domains are called Vibhasas, which is a significant factor in the Rasa Sutra.

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2. Anubhavas

Apart from Vibhasas, the other domain one has to talk about is none other than Anubhavas. One might wonder what this means and how it is unique from the others. In the most simple terms, we can say that Anubhavas is the psycho-physical connotation of the showcase of any particular emotion. This is a binding domain indeed, and many people tend to escape the same or are unable to understand it.

3. Vyabichari Bhava

And finally, the other concept that is equally important when it comes to Rasa is none other than Vyabichari Bhava. These are the fleeting emotions or thoughts which are equally important. The primary focus of this particular emotion is to ensure that Rasa's feelings can develop and mature more into a permanent sense.

Finally, we have to say in this respect that all the three elements mentioned in the Rasa Sutra are indeed essential, and without any of these, the culmination will not occur. The only difference we can say about the first two components, Anubhava and Vibhasas, is that the latter is a psychological component while the former is a physical component.


Now that you have been able to understand the importance of the Rasa Sutra in classical dance and other performing arts fields, you can study more about it and gather the best knowledge on it. We have to say that the most promising professional choice to start learning the best form of Indian classical dance is by joining the online classical dance classes conducted by Kafqa Academy.

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