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Ramayana Storytelling Classes: Teaching Values To Children Through Storytelling Course

29th Mar, 2022

Ramayana Storytelling Classes: Teaching Values To Children Through Storytelling Course

If you expose your child to storytelling from an early stage of life, it will be beneficial. You can choose to incorporate specific values in your kid through storytelling. For that, you will have to undergo a storytelling course. Read this article and learn how you can teach values through several stories.

● Reading and storytelling help to increase the feeling of empathy among the kids. When you are reading a particular story to your child, they will keep themselves in the position of the characters and try to evaluate their feelings.

● Several storybooks come with a lot of pictures in them. Since the emotions are evident from the face of the characters, it helps the child to develop a better understanding of their feelings. It will enable the child to learn whether the particular fictional character is happy, sad, angry, confused etc.

● Storytelling has the top-notch potential to develop problem-solving skills among the child. Various stories come with a myriad of dilemmas and confusing scenarios. You could ask your child how they would have dealt with the problem if they were in the character's place. Their answer will help you know that they are learning to figure out solutions to get out of the given situation.

● You can enroll yourself in a storytelling online course and learn about its various aspects. As mentioned earlier, storytelling has the power to develop values within your child. You can jot down the values you want your child to learn and select books according to your requirements. Sit with your child, discuss those values, and let them know why learning values are fundamental.

● You can choose to include older children as well in this storytelling activity. Reading together can build up a good bond.

What Does Storytelling Offer a Child?

Storytelling has a lot of things to offer to their child, such as:

● It enables the children to explore various cultures

● Allows your child to experience their cultural roots

● Provide valuable insights related to different values and traditions

● Teaches the children to develop a feeling of empathy to empathize with unknown places, people, and situations.

● Gain insights about universal life experiences

● Reveal commonalities and differences of various cultures worldwide

● Help a child to generate new ideas and stories

● Encourage a feeling of relaxation and well-being

● Promote active participation

● Increase the willingness of a child to communicate their feelings and thoughts

● Boost verbal proficiency

● Boost cooperation among students

● A storytelling course develops creative and imaginative skills

● Develop listening skills

What Are the Performance Skills While Telling a Story?

While telling a story, you need to keep certain things in mind, such as:

● Switch between the tempo, volume and pitch of your voice

● Your body and face should respond adequately to the tale

● Allow your body to speak with the help of your gestures

● Stay concentrated and have a clear focus

● Present yourself with a charismatic approach

● Make eye contact with your listeners and audience

● Use the given space and choose to be dynamic

● Use exaggerated and different character voices

● Maintain a particular style as a narrator

● Maintain your pace

● Do not forget to use pauses and silence to add specific dramatic effects.

What Are the Benefits of Storytelling Course?

Storytelling comes with several benefits such as:

Develops Empathy

Empathy is an essential character trait that helps an individual to feel connected to another person. Reading can develop empathy in you and your child. It helps them to feel the pain of the characters.

Reduce Stress

Everyone's life is stressful in the present scenario. People deal with hectic school, college and office hours from their day to day lives. Sometimes, it is important to escape reality and get involved in the world of stories. Reading and storytelling are great ways to do that. It can also help you to get better sleep at night. According to detailed research, storytelling has the potential to reduce your stress levels up to 68%.

Improves Vocabulary

Picking up a book and reading it can improve your vocabulary. You can come across several words and write them down in your notepad to use later in any of your write-ups. It will also improve your writing skills, and you will be able to generate quality content.

Improves Your Mood

Reading can make you feel happier and euphoric. It will allow you to learn about several cultures, people, places etc. Learning something new is always exciting.

Analytical Thinking Skills

This is another important benefit of storytelling. It can boost the analytical capabilities of a person to a great extent. You can also develop problem solving skills.

The Bottom Line

Storytelling is a great activity that can benefit you and your child in several ways. If you want to seek professional help, a storytelling course from Kafqa can help you.

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