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Pros and Cons of Taking Public Speaking Course Online

5th May, 2022

Public speaking is a skill which is very important for most people as it helps you to understand and master how you can speak to people. However, some people find it very difficult to express their minds and communicate with others. One must understand that this needs serious attendance, and people need to find the right source that helps them move forward and achieve the best in the field.

The Public Speaking lesson you never had

For this reason, we suggest you go forth with professional public speaking courses online that can teach you the basics. You will also be able to understand the advanced levels. Public speaking is an important course, and today some amazing options can help you pursue the classes online.

Pros and Cons of a Public Speaking Course Conducted Online

Like any other aspect of life, learning public speaking at home also has its pros and cons, and before you join a class, you must have a better knowledge about the same.

Pros of Public Speaking Course Conducted Online

At first, we will talk about the pros of going forth with the public speaking courses online and how they help you in the long run.

  • Accessibility - The first factor that works like magic is the accessibility criteria. When you sign up for online classes, there is no problem accessing the classes, and you can be anywhere and not miss a class. It is not the case with physical or offline classes where you have to be present under all circumstances, and if you do not manage to reach, you miss the classes. 
  • Exposure To Great Teachers - When you sign up for online classes, you can learn from the best teachers, which is a major plus point because physical distance is not a criterion here. You do not need to travel every day, you can sign up for online classes from those who are the best in the field and learn just as effectively as in physical classes.
  • Doesn't Make You Anxious - A common trait noted among individuals who tend to apply for public speaking classes is that there is a lot of anticipation and anxiety. However, this feeling evaporates when you talk in front of many people physically, and hence online classes are a great option. Because you cannot see many people, it will ensure that this fear does not hamper the learning process.
  • Recorded Classes - Another great thing about online classes is that even if you happen to not attend one of the classes, in most cases, you will get access to the recorded classes. It is the norm in most academies that if any student misses a class, they can easily access the recorded classes and learn from those.

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Cons of a Public Speaking Course Conducted Online

Not only pros, but it is also equally important that we talk about the cons of attending the online public speaking classes as well.

  • Absence of The Physical Teacher Student Environment: One of the most important things conducive to learning but absent in online classes is the environment and the relationship between teachers and students. Because the entire course is conducted online, the reciprocal relationship is absent. Therefore, learning a skill like public speaking, where you need to come forth and interact with people, is very important. 
  • Deviated attention: The next problem in most public speaking online classes is that there is a problem of deviated attention among the students from the teacher. Why does this happen? One of the major reasons why there is deviated attention is because the teachers cannot see the students physically, and hence there is a gap that is difficult to bridge. In addition, because of the deviated attention, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage students together on an online platform.
  • Mismanagement: All of us are still new to the segment of online classes and do not have much idea about the same, therefore, it sometimes becomes very difficult to manage the online classes. Because of this mismanagement, it becomes difficult to conduct the classes, which tends to work against most of the academies that initiate the classes. 
  • Affordability: Lastly, affordability becomes a big issue for many individuals because most online classes tend to charge an exorbitant amount. Affording these classes might not be possible for most people, which acts as a major drawback.


There are indeed pros and cons attached to the subject of online classes, just like any other aspect of life. If you want to find the best online public speaking tutorthen it is time that you come forth and take the initiative and research well. There are many good academies which will ensure that you can learn the skill thoroughly without any hindrances, even online. 

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