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7 Ways to Build Language & Communication Skills Exclusively for Ages 6-14

29th Mar, 2022

English is termed as the only language for communication across the entire world. And since it is not the first language of the Indian population, one must learn it. But one must do that learning with utmost efficiency and concentration. So, in that case, one must sign up for online public speaking courses to become proficient.

As a parent, you must take care of your child's communication skills. This process will help in enhancing communication skills and help in language development. If you are struggling to intensify your child's language development and communication skills, this article is for you.


Here, we will be discussing the 7 significant ways to develop language and build communication skills. Keep reading to know how public speaking classes can contribute to the exact cause.

How Does Online Public Speaking Courses Develop Language and Improve Communication Skills?

English is not an easy language as it is incorporated with loads of grammar and vocabulary. Even if you think that your child knows the basics of the English language, they are yet to learn in-depth. So it would be best if you enrolled them in classes where they can build a strong withhold of the language.

More importantly, your child needs to practice every day to master the skills. And eventually, your child will increase their confidence and develop the skills over time. Collated below are seven ways to build language and communication skills for your child.

1. Read Lots of Books and Newspapers

Once you enroll your child with online public speaking courses, experts will introduce them to various books. You must know that developing the habit of reading will help you learn new words. And as a result, you will be able to develop your language and gain more proficiency. Besides, reading also helps in gaining confidence within oneself.

With time, you will be obtaining lots of knowledge from books and newspapers. So you will have the courage to speak in public with complete confidence.

2. Watch All Kinds of News

As a child, it is evident that they will remain hooked to the cartoon channels most of the time. But if you motivate your child to watch the news instead of cartoons, they can enhance their communication skills. They will be able to see how the newsreaders or reporters speak to the public. And with that, they will be inspired and allow their skills and confidence to furnish.

Besides, your children will also be able to learn the exact pronunciations of any particular word. And through the scrolling news over the television screen will allow them to understand the spellings of certain new words.

3. Watch Lots of Films

We are all aware that technology has significantly impacted our lives since the inception of COVID-19. For the same reason, schools and offices have been transformed into digital platforms. After your child finishes their classes, please encourage them to watch films. But before introducing them to something new, make sure they are watchable.

You will find a plethora of watchable films and documentaries through which your child can learn and develop their language. A child can quickly adopt the language used in movies. So it quickly helps them in understanding the language better.

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4. Note Down Various Useful Words

The better your vocabulary is, the greater confidence you will have in public speaking. So it would be best if you introduced your child to various kinds of books that will make them motivated to learn. Also, please encourage your child to make it a habit of writing down any new words they come across.

It is advised not to remain focused on that particular word and look out for synonyms. Further, your child shall conduct some self-research to make the correct usage of those words.

5. Have Prolonged Conversations

Besides reading and listening, your child must put the language into practice. You can quickly help your child by starting with a conversation in English. Initially, the comfort zone will provide your child with a different confidence level. As a result, it will immensely help develop language and communication skills.

6. Have Control of Your Body Language

Body language is quite important while someone speaks in public. It automatically articulates your feelings, and you're in cover reactions. So make sure you remain relaxed while you talk to the audience.

7. Carry Papers by Writing Notes

There might be chances where you can forget certain things that you thought of addressing to the public. So never rely on your memory as you might lose confidence and forget the important ones. Before speaking to the public, carry some written notes that will work as a reminder.

To Conclude

It would be best to enroll your child in public speaking classes at Kafqa from early childhood. This way, they can gain confidence and furnish their required skills for speaking in front of the public.

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