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Debunking 7 Myths to Learn Guitar Online!

14th Jun, 2022

For some people, learning guitar becomes really fast. And, for some, it can take time and effort. But learning guitar has become flexible and cost-effective these days with the advancement of the internet. Online guitar classes are cost-effective and help you learn guitar from anywhere at any time. However, there exist a few myths surrounding online guitar classes.

We will debunk the online guitar classes myths here, so don’t go anywhere and stay tuned till the end!

Busting 7 Online Guitar Classes Myths

Here we will debunk 7 online guitar classes myths:


“I want to learn to play guitar online but I won't succeed since I don’t have any skill."


Possessing a music talent is not mandatory to learn guitar online. Every mental and physical skill is trainable. A skilled guitar teacher knows how to train you through easy-to-follow, structured, and logical steps that quickly unlock your hidden guitar skills. So, do not think at all that you can not do it!


“I missed the boat….I’m too old for online guitar learning classes.”


What’s the perfect age for online guitar learning? There’s a kind of fascination with various mysteries of musical excellence. This motivates music enthusiasts to circulate absurd myths, theories, and legends among the masses. So, don’t worry about the ideal age for online guitar learning classes. If you want to learn guitar online, simply make up your mind that you can do it irrespective of your age.


“Any guitarist posting guitar learning lessons online knows everything.”


Please do understand, guitar players playing guitar and uploading the videos online doesn’t mean they are the best and can teach you effectively. Playing guitar needs practice, patience, perseverance, and dedication. Hence, simply watching online videos will not help you learn. Neither watching any random guitarist’s instruction should be taken at face value. You need to reach out to experts in the industry. Browse through the details of the online guitar course at Kafqa Academy.


“I am not able to learn to play guitar as guitars are costly!”


It’s true that premium range guitars are extremely expensive. But it is not the complete truth! Yes, you can get guitars at an affordable price in the market. For beginners, guitars are available from Rs. 2,000 on wards. So, get rid of this conception that guitars are expensive!


“It is very easy to learn guitar, I can learn it all by myself!”


It’s always good to be optimistic about yourself. But sometimes, you need to be more practical than optimistic! As per reports, only 1 out of 25,000 people actually succeeds in learning to play guitar all by themselves. You may not be aware that nearly 85% of people who try to learn to play guitar without an expert’s help quit within 4 to 6 months after getting frustrated.

You can learn to play one or two odd songs, but you will not be able to pick and play any random song on your guitar accurately. If you are okay with a polite pat on your back stating - “not bad, keep trying,” keep trying hard yourself. Else, reach out to experts to learn guitar online.


“Online guitar classes are not useful as there are a lot of limitations.”


Well, this statement is partially correct. Some online guitar classes may be poorly designed, which may

not help learners to play guitar effectively. But this can’t be generalized to every online class. First of all, online guitar classes offer a range of advantages like:

  • Decent money savings
  • More options for instructor
  • Learn guitar online at your own pace
  • Knowledge Pooling
  • Flexible schedule.

Apart from that, the best online guitar classes also come with a well-structured curriculum like -

  • Introduction to guitar
  • Tuning the guitar
  • Music theory
  • Practical sessions with feedback
  • Mind muscle control
  • Playing of songs
  • Backing track
  • Preparation for performance
  • Final performance

In the end, you get certified! So, online guitar courses are industry-driven and offer the best results, but it depends on who you approach!


“Music Theory is Pointless”


Some instructors will tell you that music theory is pointless to learn guitar online. But it's not true. Your theories should be strong if you want to learn the practical applications of anything, including playing guitar. You still may somehow learn to play guitar online, but your knowledge will be limited on the subject!

Finally, We Have Debunked Online Guitar Classes Myth!

So, these are some of the common misconceptions or myths surrounding online guitar classes. Some may still argue that face-to-face guitar classes are more engaging and involve continuous feedback. But, such interactive sessions are also there in online guitar classes. You need to contact the right person or entity to get the most out of learning guitar online. If you are planning to enroll in an online guitar course, call our experts at Kafqa Academy.

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