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Online Carnatic Music Classes-How Can Kids be Encouraged to Learn Carnatic Music

6th May, 2022

Besides introducing your child to academics from a tender age, you must also expose them to various extra co-curricular activities. It is an integral part of their journey that allows them to explore their artistic skills and build a career out of it shortly. As their parent, you want your child to stand out among others and outshine their competitors.

Here is a Quick lesson of Carnatic singing technique

Under such scenarios, enrolling them in online Carnatic music classes can be a great idea. If you decide to nurture their future from the initial stage of their journey, your little stars can reach great heights and hit new goals. If you are wondering how you can encourage your child to learn Carnatic music, this blog is solely written for you!

Online Carnatic Music Classes: Let Your Kid Decide Their Practice Schedule

Some parents often tend to force their decisions on their children, which is not very healthy under every given circumstance. Kids are asked to follow the commands of different individuals such as teachers, parents, coaches, and older siblings. They might get impatient after a particular time and develop a negative attitude towards their seniors.

If you choose to incorporate music in the same list, their motivation to learn a new art form will slowly take a negative turn! But, you can combat this issue with a simple solution; let your child take charge of deciding their practice schedule and follow it accordingly. You, as their guardian, can help them in the process but allow them to make the final decisions.

Let Them Appear for Competitions

This is an excellent way to encourage your child to learn Carnatic music. When they sign up for various competitions, it instills an element of healthy competitiveness in them. However, before submitting their name, you must ensure whether your child is willing to participate in the competition or not. If they are not that comfortable with the idea, do not force your decisions since it will do more harm than good.

Kids from different competitive levels participate in these programs, which enables them to portray their talent in front of a massive public forum. The appreciation from the crowd at the end of the performance will encourage your kid to excel shortly. Hence, after getting trained for a few months in online sangeetham classes, please allow them to showcase their skill before the world.

Take Your Kids to Several Music Concerts

Taking your kids to attend musical concerts can trigger them considerably; if you see an opportunity where some famous Carnatic singers are organizing a show and professional instrumental setup, grab it! When they get to witness renowned performers showcasing their talent before an interested and supportive audience, it will highly motivate them to take a step towards practicing Carnatic music.

Watching other audiences applaud and clap for these famous artists will influence them to reach that respected position someday. Like this, you can always convince your child to get better by setting a live example.

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Praise Them for Their Every Attempt

When your child is working hard to achieve a specific goal, you need to be their biggest motivator and greatest fan. It is essential to appreciate their efforts at every point in time. Since a child loves to hear praises, your little positive comments will encourage them to do better. They will try to nourish and hone their skills to impress you.

Yes, it is your core responsibility to see whether they are committing any mistakes in the learning process or not; however, you need to correct those flaws using a gentle tone. If you choose to be harsh on them, it will make the future stars feel demotivated to a considerable extent.

Bring Them an Audience

Attending the online sangeetham classes is not enough; they need to perform their art before some people they feel comfortable with. You can ask your family members and friends to be their audience; this will help them to eliminate the shyness factor from an early stage. Performing one new song every week is enough to ensure the utmost consistency in the procedure.

If you do not have any friends or relatives staying nearby, you alone can choose to be their audience. After a particular time, your kid will get the confidence to present their skills before a huge crowd without feeling nervous. Also, in this learning process, you and your child can bond over some musical sessions and create magical memories.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the ways which can help you to keep your child encouraged and consistent in their Carnatic musical journey. You can always seek professional help from the online Carnatic music classes, but in order to excel, consistency and hard work is the primary key.

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