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Mistakes You Are Doing As A Hip Hop Dance Learner

1st Jul, 2022

Have you just started to learn Hip Hop dance but are not very sure as to whether you are on the right track or not? People often seem quite confused when it comes to Hip Hop, and that is because they are not well aware of the form. However, once you start learning, you will realize that it is not as difficult as it seems, and with time, it will be much more fluid for you as well.

We have today tried to talk about some of the most basic mistakes. It is always important to make mistakes; only when you make mistakes will you realize how to perfect the dance form. However, it would be best if you rectified those mistakes, which is what we want to help you with.

Hip Hop as a dance form is not very difficult, and the more you practice, it will get more fluent. Try to make sure that you have followed certain bits of guidelines like the ones we are providing so that you can improve as a dancer. Today, we will talk about some of the most basic mistakes most Hip Hop dancers make.

Basic Mistakes The Hip Hop Dancers Tend To Make

One of the major reasons why many basic dancers tend to make mistakes is because they do not have expert guidance. Most of them try to learn from generic sources, and this is where the problem stems from. When you start showing the dance form to someone who is trained, they will give you a more clear preview. You can also choose to deploy your research to have a clearer idea. The best thing to do is join expert Hip Hop dance classes.

Some of the Most Common Mistakes that Hip Hop Learners Tend to Make are

  • Not Listening To The Beat - Hip Hop, as many of you would already know, is a form of Western dance, and hence people do not tend to have many ideas about it. Many people tend to join the classes before having a basic idea, and that is the gravest mistake that they make. Always make sure that when you join a class, you have a basic idea about what the dance form is all about.
    Try to always listen to the beat and then choreograph the dance form. The best is indeed very important, and just like any other dance form, Hip Hop also has its count. The most important thing that you need to do is pay attention to the best, and that will make your performance clear. This is the most common mistake and something that one can easily rectify as well.
  • Less of Study About The Theory - When we attach the term theory to any form of dance, people often think that it is a misnomer and you do not need to know the theory to become a good dancer. But this is not true, and hence you need to be equally good in theory to understand the basics of the dance form. Hip Hop dancers believe that they can be good enough in the practical bit, and hence that would facilitate them.
    However, we believe you need to know the theory to excel as a dancer. It will give you a better preview, and with time, you can develop on it. Once you know the theoretical base, it will be fruitful to explore the dance form more and then eventually have a unique style of your own.
  • Less of Warm Up - Any of you who want to excel in the field of Hip Hop would know that a basic routine of exercise is indeed very important, and it will warm you up. Without this exercise, you can sprain yourself very easily during the exercise regimen, which could be detrimental.
    We have seen that even the most talented dancers do not warm-up before they start practicing. Hip Hop is one dance form where you need to pay attention, and your physical flexibility is very important. Hence when you start with the practice, do not forget to exercise.
  • Listen To The Music - Finally, you will see that most Hip Hop dancers tend to jump to the choreography before actually listening to the song. Avoid this because it will not give you a clearer idea, and you will eventually end up mixing up the choreography or dance form. We suggest you go through the music once and choreograph your dance form.
    As a dancer, it is very crucial to follow this, especially if you are someone who will be pursuing the Hip Hop dance form. It is one of the best Hip Hop dance tips that you can get to flourish in the domain.


Hip Hop dance mistakes are very common, and that is because people do not tend to have many ideas about this dance form. The more you go into learning the technique, the better it is for you. You must start from the basics, and you will realize that people always do not have much idea.

Hence the safest thing you can do is start from the basics and study more about the dance form because that will give you a clear idea of the domain. The best thing to do is join Kafqa Academy so that you get trained by professional dance instructors and get a clearer idea about the field.

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