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Learn What These 15 Modern Dance Terms Mean

24th May, 2022

Having a good knowledge of the dance related words is very important as it will help you learn the new updates, and with time, you will be able to Ace the domain as well. For any new form of dance, it is imperative to make sure that you know the terms well because, during the training session, the teacher will use these words.

Basic Knowledge of Dance - Hand & Leg Moves Name

Irrespective of whether the student goes forth with online dance classes or even the physical classes, the terms are critical to remember, and very often, you will see that there are new additions as well. Sometimes, these terms are more generalized, and hence, learning the forms can help you with multiple domains of dance.

When you join the classes, it is vital to understand the words to describe dance moves as it will come in handy for you when you go forth with the basic and advanced levels of training. The dance phrases can also come in handy if you want to switch from one dance form to another, especially newer forms.

Meaning of the 15 Modern Dance Terms

Although there are tons of newer items used for dance, there are specialized versions, depending on the form of dance you want to pursue. However, we have tried to discuss the modern dance terms, in particular, to make it easier for the newer generation to focus. The 15 dance moves synonyms that require special attention are:

1. 8 Count

One of the most important terms which have to be mentioned is the 8 Count. The term is used for all dance forms and is mainly used to break the music beat into a count of 8 so that it is choreographed better and there is synchronization.

2. Spotting

If you are a contemporary dancer or have a lot of turns to make, the best technique is spotting. You need to spot a small point on the wall and turn to look at that spot.

3. Abstract Dance

The term refers to those dances that do not have any perfect concept in mind and just let their bodies flow.

4. Arch

An arch is a smart option when it comes to Hip Hop dance terms as well as contemporary form. The arch is a body posture where the upper back is extended. You will know more about this when you learn Hip Hop online.

5. Canon

A canon means that a group of dancers perform the same choreography, spaced out over a considerable period.

6. Arm Swing

The term arm Swing is quite self-explanatory, and it refers to fluidly swinging the arms. The arm can move sideways as well as from front and back.

7. Battement

Another universal term often used when discussing the domain of modern dance related words is battement. The term means a pointed kick, and the more pointed it is, it will automatically look more poised.

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8. Coupè

Coupè is a term used to resemble a body posture that exhibits the domain of cutting. The working leg is placed between the ankle and the base of the calf. It does need a bit of balance to master the posture.

9. Step Hop

The step Hop term is very often used in modern dance, and it is a combination of two stages as well. Here every action is accompanied by a hop, which adds to the uniqueness of the term.

10. Ball Change

Consequently, the term ball Change is an essential terminology, and it is often referred to as the step movement. For every two steps, the weight is shifted to the foot behind or the alternative foot. The idea is to step twice and then make the shift which can be mastered with practice.

11. Cypher

One of the significant features of modern dance forms is that it is aesthetically pleasing. The cypher is yet another famous dance-related word where each of the dancers takes their time and comes and performs at the center of the stage.

12. Freestyle

Freestyle is a dance form that ensures that you do not have to keep any routine in mind and let your body flow according to the music in mind. It is a domain of improvisational dance where you can change the moves depending on your feasibility.

13. Hold

The term "hold" is relatively self-explanatory. It refers to holding the posture or the footwork for a certain period.

14. Plìe

Plìe is a trendy dance term, and it is used to signify a continuous movement with the knees and the upper body being held upright.

15. Switching Lines

When you have more than one dancer, the switching Lines mean that the first line will go back and vice versa to give everybody a chance to perform in front.


Having a good knowledge of the dance related words is essential, and for that, you can join dance classes as well. The best dance academies conduct the most specialized online dance classes. The focus is paid on not only the basics but also the advanced learning.

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