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Learn Vazhuvoor Online: One of the Original Styles of Bharatanatyam

21st Jul, 2022

Even though Bharatanatyam is one of the eight classical dance forms of India, it is quite more popular than the others for the myriad of elements utilized in it. In fact, Bharatanatyam is considered the pre-eminent Indian classical dance that has given rise to various classical dance forms.

Traditional Pushpanjali - Vazhuvoor Dance Style

So, it is natural for many people to be interested in learning Bharatnatyam online.

But before you proceed, there are certain things you need to know about the Bharatanatyam dance. First, there are various forms of Bharatanatyam dance. And each of these dance forms is different from the other in various aspects. One thing that remains common with these dance forms is the naming system. All of them are named after the region they were born in. Take Vazhuvoor Bharatanatyam, for instance; it is named after the Vazhuvoor village situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

With that being said, now let’s take an in-depth look into determining the importance of this impressive dance form – Vazhuvoor Bharatanatyam and check how it is different from others.

What is the Vazhuvoor Dance Style?

Vazhuvoor dance style is one of the three original dance forms of Bharatanatyam, with the other two being Melattur and Pandanallur.

Kalakshetra dance form of Bharatanatyam is fairly new compared to these original forms and is a simplified form of the Pandanallur dance style.

Now, coming back to the Vazhuvoor dance style, it is known for breaking the monotony of the dance movements by including soft facial expressions and subtle acting or abhinaya.

This dance style features various soft movements to create a smooth flow and contains little to no abrupt movements.

While performing the Vazhuvoor style dance, the performer is required to keep the body from the waist up slightly bent forwards. There are leaps introduced for easy transition from one jati to another, thereby creating a suspenseful effect to the performance.

The Origin of the Vazhuvoor Dance Style

  • Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Pillai, a well-known guru, was quite devoted to Bharatanatyam. He has also disciplined well-known dance teachers like Thiripurasundari Cumarasmay, Kumari Kamala, Padmini, Vyjayanthimala and Padma Subramanyam, along with various other dancers.
  • The vibrant bani of Vazhuvoor focuses on the elegant movement, seductive approaches and graceful positions that result in a visual delight.
  • The dancing steps in the Vazhuvoor style of Bharatanatyam are quick and complicated. However, they also comprise graceful eye movements.
  • During the final dance of Thillana, the poses are incorporated into fragments to add distance in time.
  • The rhythmic patterns or jatis, along with nritta, have added korvais, a sequence that involves several types of adavus or gaps than usual. This feature gives this dance a remarkable quality.

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The Concept of Abhinaya and Choreography

  • While learning the Vazhuvoor Bharatanatyam dance style in the Bharatanatyam classes, you are bound to learn a wide range of dance speeds.
  • Even though the adavus of this dance form flows smoothly, there are various unexpected moves, deep sitting positions, a variety of floor positions along with overly complicated movements.
  • The abhinaya of this dance form is delicate with no obviousness in the production due to more natyadharmi.
  • There is significant use of eyes, hand movements and expressions in conjunction for eloquent expression of the performance.
  • There is a huge dominance of elegance or lasya in the Vazhuvoor dance style.
  • Some popular dancers who are well-acquainted with the Vazhuvoor dance style include Kamala Lakshman, Padma Subramanyam, Chitra Viswesvaran and Vidhya Subramanian.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Bharatanatyam Dance?

When it comes to taking Bharatanatyam classes, there is no age limit. But, typically, dancers start pursuing this dance form from a young age.

But again, irrespective of the age and dance form, consistent and proper training for 4 to 7 years is imperative to become a graceful and proficient Bharatanatyam dancer. It is also important to keep in mind that students’ perseverance towards the dance form, learning capability and time dedicated to learning this dance form also plays a critical role in the timeline.

Is it Feasible to Learn Bharatanatyam Online?

In the era of digitization, one obtains the benefit of learning Bharatanatyam online, too. While many people have a lot of negative to say about acquiring Bharatanatyam knowledge online, you must know that every individual has the right to have an opinion.

If you ask us, we can provide you with several benefits associated with online Bharatanatyam classes, such as –

  • Flexibility of time
  • Learn from the best and most well-known gurus from anywhere in India
  • Eliminate the travelling time
  • Learn from the comfort of your home

Meet the Dance Experts of Kafqa

Are you intrigued by the above-mentioned information about Vazhuvoor Bharatanatyam? If yes, perhaps it is time for you to learn Bharatanatyam online by connecting with the dance experts at Kafqa Academy.

They will first help you understand the dance form in-depth and then proceed with teaching every aspect of the Bharatanatyam to make things easy to grasp for you.

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