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Comparing Electric, Classical, and Acoustic Guitars

10th May, 2022

As a complete newbie in music, you might wonder what the exact differences are between electric, classical and acoustic guitars. If you learn to play guitar, you will have to grab one of the first. Not knowing the fundamental differences between the three types of guitars can make you feel confused at the initial level of the learning process itself. By the way, you have landed on the right page; take a look at this blog, and all your doubts will get eliminated seamlessly!

● Learn to Play Guitar: The Strings Are Different

The different strings are one of the most apparent differences between electric, classical and acoustic guitars. The electric guitars and acoustic guitars come well-equipped with steel strings. On the other hand, classical guitars have nylon strings incorporated into them. The nylon strings are fuller and warmer when compared to the steel strings of an acoustic or electric guitar. Apart from that, a classical guitar's nylon strings are far gentler and softer; they do not tend to hurt your fingers!

Nylon string guitars are primarily used in Flamenco, Latin, Classical and Spanish styles of music. On the other hand, steel strings are more common in some contemporary genres such as Pop and Rock. The steel strings tend to hurt your fingers, at least for the first few months. Hence, while choosing the type of guitar, you need to make wise decisions!

● Genres of the Song

The genres of the songs are an essential consideration in differentiating between the three types of guitars. The acoustic instruments align well with various contemporary music forms and some non-contemporary forms, such as the Blues. On the other hand, an electric guitar can be the perfect fit for a broad range of genres such as Soul, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock, Pop, Metal, County, etc. If versatility is taken into account, an electric guitar will be the right choice.

● Production of Sound

The acoustic guitars and classical guitars tend to amplify and generate sound similarly. On the other hand, if an electric guitar is considered, they are fitted with some magnetic pickups placed beneath the steel strings. Vibrations in the strings allow the pickups to turn the magnetic energy into electrical energy. It then paves its way out of the instrument through a cable into an amp. You will not get the chance to listen to your electric guitar without incorporating an amp.

● Size and Shape of the Guitar

You need to select the types of guitar based on the size and shape of the instrument. A general rule of thumb for acoustic and classical guitars is that; a bigger size generates a fuller and louder sound. On the other hand, a classical guitar comes in a "default" shape. Some of the conditions of an acoustic guitar are Grand Concert, Concert, Grand Auditorium, Auditorium, Jumbo, Dreadnought, Travel, etc. An interesting fact about an electric guitar is that you can buy a Doraemon-shaped instrument and show it off among your mates.

● Price of the Guitars

This is undoubtedly one of the most important differences you need to remember before making any purchase. The electric guitars are the most costly ones among the three of them. Their higher prices are pretty justified since it is the most versatile option. If you consider classical vs. acoustic guitars, there are few variations in their price.

If you are a beginner guitar artist, you must go for an acoustic or classical one since the electric guitars are advanced in nature. Or else, if you have adapted the basic lessons thoroughly and are ready to pay a higher amount, you can always opt for an electric one!

What Are the Benefits of Buying an Electric Guitar?

Take a look at some of the points written in this blog:

  • Playing an electric guitar is extremely easy; all you need is to hold some patience in the learning process.
  • While playing an electric guitar, your fingers and fingertips will hurt less.
  • The strings incorporated in an electric guitar are pretty close to each other, and their neck is also narrow.

What Are the Benefits of Buying an Acoustic Guitar?

Now it's time to learn about some of the crucial benefits of buying an acoustic guitar for yourself:

  • An acoustic guitar is the most common choice for the majority of the guitarists out there.
  • You can grasp the basic lessons in almost no time.
  • You can seamlessly practice the chord progressions, scales, chords, and riffs on an acoustic guitar.
  • They are easily portable from one place to another.
  • Acoustic guitars are pretty cheap.

What Are the Benefits of a Classical Guitar?

Finally, we have come to an end. Check out the perks of purchasing a classical guitar for yourself:

● Their nylon strings will bless you with a smooth learning experience.

● You will be able to play them comfortably from the initial stage itself.

● They are lightweight and cheap.

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Start the learning process

Hopefully, now you know the crucial differences between the three types of guitars. Hence, without any further delay, start learn to play guitar and stand out among others by outshining them with your excellent skills!

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