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Learn Perfect Way to Hold Pataka Hand Gesture (Mudra)

25th Jun, 2022

Bharatanatyam- the magical combination of melody, expressions, and rhythm has been practiced in India for quite a few decades now! The unique blend of postures, mudras, steps, and songs is heartwarming to watch and perform. It is one of the oldest forms of Indian Classical dance from Tamil Nadu.

If you are an aspiring dancer willing to establish yourself as a successful artist in the near future, indulging in the online Bharatanatyam classes might be your best bet. Starting from the top-notch grace and elegance to beautiful attire, postures, and steps, everything about Bharatanatyam is incredibly eye-soothing.

Adulting is hectic, and this phase might not allow you to polish your passion and pursue a career out of it; however, the increased convenience and flexibility offered by the online classes act as a significant boon here! Under the solid guidance of a well-reputed Bharatanatyam teacher, you will be able to master this art form with utmost ease. They will share their extensive knowledge related to mudras, expressions, basics of Bharatanatyam, etc., in the Bharatanatyam classes.

Now, let's hop into the main part of the discussion. Keep reading this article till the very end, and you will be able to gain potential insights on Pataka Mudra - One of the essential hand gestures in Bharatanatyam Classical Form.

A Little Note on Pataka Mudra

Mudras are mainly the graceful hand gestures that are used in the Bharatanatyam dance form. These mudras allow the dancers to express and convey their emotions without using words. Take a look at the two types of hand gestures that are used in almost all the classical dance styles:

Bharatanatyam - Pataka Mudra Uses with meaning of shloka

Learning Bharatanatyam online will definitely enable you to gain more knowledge backed by practical exposure!

How Should You Hold a Pataka Mudra?

Pataka Hand Gesture is one of the Asamyukta Mudra; you can express a gesture using a single hand here. Now, you might be wondering how you are supposed to hold a Pataka Mudra, right?

Well, it's easy! All you need to do is join all your fingers and hold them straight. Make sure that there is no gap between your fingers!

What Does a Pataka Mudra Denote?

Dancers use a Pataka Mudra to denote a plethora of meanings; some of them are mentioned below in this article:

  • Clouds
  • Forest
  • Denial of objects
  • Bosom
  • River
  • Night
  • Horse
  • Realm of diversity
  • Cutting
  • Wind
  • To show one person is going
  • To sleep
  • Bless
  • Prowess
  • Fierce heat
  • Moonlight
  • Seven case endings
  • Opening and pushing the doors
  • Street
  • Ripples
  • Equanimity
  • Entering the lane
  • Smearing oneself
  • Taking oath
  • Palmyra leaf

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  • Silence
  • Touching objects
  • Shield
  • An ideal king
  • To bless
  • Sea
  • Showing location
  • To address a person
  • Step forward
  • Month
  • Grasping a sword
  • Year
  • Sweeping with boom
  • Drizzly day

Your five fingers can do absolute wonders in portraying your emotions and expressions. Storytelling becomes much easier with these simple yet meaningful mudras or an 'external reflection of inner resolve.

Why Should You Consider Learning Bharatanatyam Dance?

If you are currently wondering why should you opt for online Bharatanatyam classes and what is the point behind learning about the various mudras, simply take a quick look at some of the benefits of Bharatanatyam mentioned below in this blog:

  • It Boosts Your Flexibility - Since the mudras or hand gestures play an integral role in Bharatanatyam, they are highly capable of enhancing your overall flexibility. The gestures and expressions help to communicate feelings and messages. You can now interact with our audience without framing verbal sentences.
  • You, Will, be Able to Deal with Your Shyness - Joining Bharatanatyam classes will be extremely beneficial since it will allow you to cope with your existing shyness. Getting trained with other like-minded students and performing in front of a mass will surely make you feel confident after a certain point of time! While boosting your morale, you can now evolve as a slaying performer of the day.
  • It Can Increase Your Stamina - Bharatanatyam dance form consists of several body movements; it can allow your muscles to grow strong in no time! To be honest, some of the body postures in Bharatanatyam are pretty tough; staying in the position for a few seconds gives you the scope to boost your stamina seamlessly.
  • It Can Improve Your Concentration - You need to remember a lot of things and elements while performing this particular art form. Some of them include hand gestures in Bharatanatyam, hastas, footworks, etc. If you don't focus on the learning process, you might goof up on the final day of your performance. By remembering all beats, rhythms, expressions, steps, and movements, you will be able to steal all the thunder with great ease!

Parting Thoughts

In this fast-paced world, there should be enough room for your passion. By honing your skills on a regular basis, you will be able to reach new heights and hit significant goals. All you need to do is enroll yourself in the Bharatanatyam classes, and voila!

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