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Learn "Jazz Funk": Best Dance Styles to Learn in Your Living Room

20th Jul, 2022

The chances of you knowing anything about Jazz-funk dance are quite slim. After all, it is one of the youngest dance forms. However, the popularity of this dance form is touching the roof and for all good reasons. And this has led to many dance enthusiasts wanting to learn this impressive form in their hip-hop dance classes.

But, before you proceed to learn hip-hop dance, there are certain things you need to know about this dance form. And this blog, we will try to explore those realms so you can get started with completely fulfilling details.

So, let’s begin!

Jazz Funk Dance

What is Jazz-funk?

Jazz-funk is just a super-set of the term Jazz. The dancing form is quite similar to hip-hop dance styles.

Similar to hip-hop, even jazz-funk dance style has fast-paced and pointed quick movements and gestures. Typical jazz-funk steps have an emphasis on feminism and intricate movements.

Jazz-funk is also considered a commercial dance style. In simple terms, it is a dance form that is represented to the masses quite often than other types of Jazz dances. The fast-speed movements used in this dance form are known for creating an illusion in the minds of the viewers.

The jazz-funk dance style doesn’t make use of Arabesques or Pirouettes and is quite differentiated from hip-hop dance in the urban culture. But still, it is considered the most effective way of expressing oneself.

The History of Jazz-funk Dance

It is believed that the jazz-funk style emerged from the popularisation of hip-hop and its commercialization in the 1980s.

It is understood that Jazz-funk is a cultivated form that was developed in studios in response to the organic popularity of hip-hop music and dance. You must know that this dance form isn’t an offshoot of either Jazz or funk. People even associate it with street style and one of the types of hip-hop dance. The truth is, this dance form is much different.

Jazz-funk widens the arena of Jazz due to it being the result of American jazz musicians. Sometimes also referred to as street jazz, jazz-funk comprises a chunk of various dance styles, including musical hip-hop, ballet and lyrical.

Some of the movements of jazz-funk are inspired by jazz dances like relives, syncopation, flexibility, jazz hands, rolled shoulders and so on.

Jazz-funk may have been taken from hip-hop, but it differs in an important aspect, which is using the centre of gravity during most beats of the dance.

As mentioned earlier, jazz-funk isn’t an old dance form. In fact, it is just developing over the past ten years. The birth of modern jazz-funk choreography is said to have been named by the American dancers – Kevin Maher, Brain Friedman and Bobby Newberry, thus setting its benchmark in the history of dance styles.

They were the ones who introduced jazz-funk dance style as an individual style by mixing up different styles, including vogue, jazz, whacking and hip-hop, resulting in a feminine style, more plasticity, sharpness, expressiveness and dynamic form of super popular dance.

The Performance

Maintaining both mind and body in unison is imperative for this dance form. However, prioritising the funk along with lyrical beats is vital for creating a sense of emotional interpretation.

The instructor at the hip-hop dance classes will teach you how to use body movements to tell the story hidden in your act. Typically, these steps and movements are similar to adding personal expression to the style.

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The Training

When you choose to learn jazz-funk, you need not undergo classical training to create a perfect physical form. This dance form is quite perfect for girls and women because it moulds up with the style of the dancer. One can even add new steps and movements to make this dance form endlessly creative.

In short, experimentation and versatility are two other synonyms for jazz-funk dance form. If you are daring enough to explore the untouched aspect of this dance style, then you should consider learning jazz-funk dance form.

The Presentation

Thanks to the television and internet, jazz-funk has obtained immense popularity.

From Janet Jackson to Britney Spears and even Madonna have adopted this incredible dance form.

During the presentation, jazz-funk dancers are provided with elaborate and cool outfits, something quite similar to what people wear when doing a hip-hop dance. A tight-fitting t-shirt paired with baggy and wide hip-hop pants presents high-speed movements in the most gracious and subtle way possible.

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