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Learn Isolation Technique with Online Bollywood Dance Classes

20th Jul, 2022

Isolation is one of the first challenges individuals face when starting to dance. But, in order to become a professional and move to another phase, it is imperative to climb this challenging wall.

Even though the isolation technique is considered “basic” in the dance literature, don’t get fooled by the term used to describe it. When required the most, your body may not move as smoothly as you might want it to.

Thankfully, there are ways to easily practise isolation techniques to ensure you make the most out of your Bollywood dance classes. In this blog, we will take a look at some tips. but before that, let's comprehend –

What is isolation while learning bollywood dancing?

Certain dance movements require the dancer to move only one area of the body while the other parts remain immobile. In order to perform such dance movements gracefully, having control over the body is imperative. The isolation technique proves highly useful in such instances.

The isolation technique is also used by dancers who wish to focus on certain movement patterns without getting distracted by what is transpiring around them. For instance, a dancer might use the isolation technique in scenarios where he wants to roll his shoulders back to open the chest, etc.

Since there are loops of different movements involved in any dance routine, dancers tend to use a combination of several isolation techniques to create an interesting dance routine. For instance, rolling the shoulder back and then throwing it forward contains two different movements. Similarly, lifting one foot up in the air while holding another one on the ground while retaining the pointed toes features a different movement.

Many dancers have claimed that isolation techniques have helped them comprehend the working of muscles to produce movements – an important aspect of becoming a good dancer.

Benefits of dance isolation

Isolation in Bollywood dancing helps the dancers develop a funkier and sharper style. Irrespective of the dance form, isolation can successfully supplement your dance training.

The purpose of isolation is to force the body into performing unnatural movements that challenge the concept of traditional muscle movements. The idea is to develop better flexibility to become a creative dancer.

Tips to effectively learn the isolation technique

1- Avoid forced movements

When it comes to practising isolation techniques during your online Bollywood dancing classes, it is essential to understand that straining the body is never a good idea.

As soon as you force, your muscles become stiff, therefore limiting your motion range significantly. This means you won't be able to move as much as you might expect.

Instead of pushing your muscle, consider it as your puppet. You are the one who has control over the muscles. Gentle tugging is enough for the right movement you wish for.

2- Know your limits

Understanding your current limit is very important. The process of learning the isolation technique is more like accumulating the incremental steps instead of finishing everything in a single shot.

Learn Bollywood dancing and isolation techniques by setting achievable goals. Understand what is physically feasible. And when you meet your goals based on these aspects, you will gain confidence to do better, to become better!

3- Be consistent

Repetition is mandatory, especially when it comes to learning dance through the online Bollywood dance classes.

Once you determine your limit of isolation based on your body’s capability, go ahead and reproduce a format. You can work with the dance instructor to build something feasible as per your needs and practise it over and over again.

Based on the condition of your body, the outcome of your practice will vary inevitably. You will develop muscle memory and confidence and be able to navigate the progress easily.

End of the day, you want your body to move certain body parts in isolation without needing to concentrate on them. The process should happen naturally without any external conscious efforts, and consistency plays a huge role!

4- Use mirrors during Bollywood dance classes

Observing yourself is mandatory to determine whether or not you are doing things right.

Use a mirror or a window with reflection, or consider recording yourself to see where you are going wrong and what part needs to be worked on.

Avoid relying on your feelings because, without confirmation, your isolation routine is just you pleasing yourself.

Well, it is understandable that not everyone likes to face themselves, but that is the reality. If you are spending so much time learning isolation, better do it right by facing a little awkwardness of watching yourself perform.

Contact the Kafqa experts!

Knowing these tips isn’t enough to become a professional dancer. You need to have a reliable instructor to guide you through the ups and downs of the dancing process, too.

It is time to meet the experts at Kafqa Academy to get enrolled in Bollywood dance classes. Their instructors will help you get accustomed to the online Bollywood dance classes easily.

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