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The Story of this Beautiful Kathak Indian Dance Form

4th Apr, 2022

Kathak is one of the most beautiful dance forms, and it has been the pride of India for years now. There have been some fantastic maestros who have been extravagant in their pursuit and been an absolute pride for the citizens of India. Although Kathak as a dance form originated from the Hindu temples of the north, it slowly spread to other parts of the country, where it was welcomed with open arms.

Kathak supposedly originated as a form where it was used as a form to tell people exciting stories about various religious backgrounds. Usually, the stories from ancient Hindu scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharat and the Vedic scriptures were depicted through the Kathak dance form. Professional online kathak classes will teach your kids about the origin of Kathak.

Kala Aur Sanskriti of Kathak Dance

It is also important to mention that Kathak as a dance form has various adaptations; for example, the Lucknow Gharana is different from the Jaipur Gharana of Kathak. Each such genre or Gharana of Kathak has its features, which makes it different from the other forms of Kathak.

How Did Kathak Evolve?

All of us know that Kathak is one of India's six most important classical dance forms, and it is pretty ancient because of its mention in various antique pieces of art and literature. So if your kid is someone who finds an affinity towards these dance forms, there is nothing better than nurturing this form of dance from the very childhood.

We have already mentioned that Kathak was initially a means of expression, and it spoke about the various Hindu stories. However, this did not stay limited to the walls of the temples, and slowly the Kathak practitioners moved out, and they used to perform and travel. It ensured that Kathak began to travel across various states and had its depiction as a dance form.

It is usually said how the original Kathak form broke its religious shackles and was incorporated in various other documents that are still practiced. If this cultural influence had not been allowed, then Kathak would not be an artistic expression for the Muslim dancers who have even used it in various Sufi dance forms.

Kathak was even accorded to be one of the most coveted dance forms and was often presented in front of the court, specifically during the Mughal and Persian eras. It led to the patronizing of Kathak as a dance form, and slowly it was being practiced by both men and women from various parts of the world and not just India.

Various Kathak Gharanas

Because Kathak as a dance form continued to reach various states, slowly, every place had its rendition. However, it is also essential to mention that not every paper thrived, and today, there are very few gharanas of Kathak that have lasted. However, these are very popular and have been able to produce some of the most amazing Kathak dancers from the world.

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  1. Lucknow Gharana - The Lucknow Gharana of Kathak is probably one of the most popular dance forms and is highly followed by many people. There are quite a few Kathak online learning classes that connect you with the gurus from Lucknow who can train you in this particular form of dance. It is believed that a specific form of Kathak originated from the courts of Oudh, and since then, they have been quite popular among the masses.
    The key features of the Lucknow Gharana are Abhinaya or depiction, and the dancers are graceful and elegant. Some of the most promising experts from this Gharana are Pandit Birju Maharaj, Shambu Maharaj and even Lachhu Maharaj.
  2. Jaipur Gharana - As the name would suggest, this particular form of Kathak belongs to Jaipur and is slightly different from the other forms of Kathak. It is believed that the Jaipur Gharana of Kathak originated in the courts of Kachchwala Kings, and since then, it has received quite a few updates.
    In this particular form of Kathak dance, a lot of importance is given to us by the powerful moves and techniques mastered through years of practice and devotion. Therefore, it is essential to have expert guidance and perseverance to be an expert in the Jaipur Gharana of Kathak.
  3. Benaras Gharana - Last but not least, it is also essential that we talk about Banaras Gharana when we are talking about the various forms of Kathak dance. It is believed that Janaki Prasad was the propounder of this particular form of Kathak. One of the primary features of the Benaras Gharana is the Usage of patwari, which makes the dance form well evolved.
    The Banaras Gharana is very different, and here the Usage of the tabla and the beats are significant. The turns or chakkars are pretty few compared to the other dance forms. However, the Usage of the floor or the same is relatively high.

The Final Wrap

If you are someone who wants to pursue this particular form of dance, then there are quite a few potent online kathak classes that will help you master the form with practice. Kathak online learning could be facilitated with the help of great academies like the Kafqa Academy, and with time you will be able to master the dance form.

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