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Is It Necessary To Learn Indian Classical before Singing Bollywood Songs

25th Apr, 2022

It is not necessary to learn Indian classical music to be able to sing Bollywood songs, but having experience in classical helps a lot in various ways.

Many people in today's society prefer to learn just contemporary music genres like jazz, pop and Bollywood singing. Classical music is regarded by the majority of young people as "out of date," "boring," and "irrelevant."

Is it necessary to Learn Indian classical for Sing Bollywood Songs

However, the reality is that modern and classical music have a close relationship. Several well-known musicians in the music industry today, like Justin Bieber, Jon Bellion, Adele, and others, have included classical music in their work.

Because studying music is such a transferable talent in the music industry, a large proportion of today's artists grew up playing classical instruments like the piano or violin. It is critical that you learn classical music if you are an aspiring musician.

Benefits of Taking Online Music Classes for Learning Indian Classical Music:

Possibility to Obtain Voice and Skill Training through Music Classes Online or Offline

You get to practice and develop great analytical abilities as part of your classical music education. Learning to sing or play an instrument from a professional can help you have a deeper understanding of the instrument. You'll also have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become a well-rounded musician.

Classical voice training is the finest way to learn how to sing since it teaches a person how to make the best use of their voice for their vocal folds and body. By learning classical music, you will gain both vocal and skill training, as well as the essentials necessary to be successful on your musical journey, such as proper music reading skills, varied technique, ear training, and, most importantly, the freedom to sing whatever makes you happy.

Make Learning Other Types of Music Easier

Learning classical music improves the vocal cords, provides breath control, and strengthens the lung muscles, in addition to teaching the principles of music. Classical music training teaches you how to sing extended parts in a single breath, how to read tempo (alap, jor), how to develop your pitch, and how to grasp the music in general. You will be able to sing anything after that.

Learning Indian classical music would greatly assist you in carving yourself a niche in Bollywood music. Before entering the Bollywood music industry, it is necessary to have a strong foundation in classical theories and notions. Learning classical music is akin to learning how to float in water and overcoming a phobia of water. After that, you can learn any stroke you choose.

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Develop the Ability to Sing any Type of Music with Confidence

You will undoubtedly learn music theory if you receive classical training. The study of how music works in terms of rhythm, melody, and shape is known as music theory 1. Most classical music contains similar basic notions, and once you master the fundamentals of one form of music, you can move on to learning the basics of others.

Learning Indian classical music accelerates the learning of other genres and builds a solid musical foundation. While learning classical music may appear intimidating at first, once you learn to sing it thoroughly and perform it, it will help you overcome stage fright and nerves, as well as help you sing any type of music confidently.

Develop Patience and Discipline

It may be difficult to believe, but all of those great musicians you see in concerts or hear on the radio were once amateurs — talent is only one factor! Mastering classical music necessitates hours of daily practice in which you rehearse the songs, especially the demanding, difficult parts of your music, which necessitates a great deal of discipline, patience, devotion, and perseverance. When you get to the end and realize the benefits of learning classical music, you may look back on the whole thing as a lesson in the value of patience and discipline.

It is a lot of fun to learn classical music

Last but not least, learning classical music is enjoyable, even though it can be boring at first. Music will sharpen and open your intellect, expand your horizons, and make your life more vibrant, alive, and rewarding.

Attending music classes in person is becoming extremely difficult due to demanding schedules, commuting issues, and a variety of other factors. If you want to get started learning music right away, online music lessons are the way to go.


If you want to enroll your child on online singing courses, you must do so at a top online music academy that offers professionally qualified instructor-led classroom experience to students. Most well-reputed academies provide classical music lessons as well as Bollywood singing classes for beginners and expert students in the comfort of their own homes.

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