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How To Sing Any Bollywood Song on a Perfect Scale? Learn Bollywood Singing today!

29th Mar, 2022

Being an enthusiast of Bollywood singing, you will know how singers can manipulate their scales for various songs. And vocal scale plays a crucial role in the Bollywood music industry. Bollywood is home to numerous great singers who possess great skills and techniques for singing.

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If you are passionate about learning the techniques of acquiring the perfect scale while singing, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to sing any Bollywood song on an excellent scale. Let’s get started.

Which is the Best Vocal Scale for Bollywood Singing?

Vocal scale is nothing but the range of notes in which a singer can relax and comfortably sing. This verbal scale differs from person to person so that there is no indefinite vocal stress. But what is the perfect scale for playback singing and on-stage singing?

It would be best to remember that there is nothing called a good or a lousy scale while singing. Every singer must sing on a scale that naturally suits them best without providing any vocal stress. For instance, if you ever try to increase or decrease your vocal scales, you will eventually ruin the songs. So it is always better to sing in your natural scale for delivering the perfect and soulful music of Bollywood.

What are the Benefits of Learning Vocal Scales for Bollywood Singing?

Most of us have watched Bandish Bandits on Amazon Prime Video for the good classical music it incorporates. Even if you haven’t, you might indeed have listened to the songs from the web series. The palaces of Jodhpur and Bikaner are very much alive throughout with extraordinary compositions. And that raises the question of the importance of vocal scales in Bollywood singing.

Acquiring the perfect vocal scales will help you benefit your voice, thereby singing the best. Some of the benefits of practicing scales are:

  • It will help in polishing and modelling your vocal tone.
  • It will allow you to expand your vocal range enormously.
  • It will help you to develop a fine intonation and a perfect pitch.
  • It will provide you with a developed singing ear.
  • It will make you increase your breathing control.
  • Lastly, it will allow you to build your musical theory and songwriting knowledge and skills.

What is the Importance of Scales in Bollywood Singing?

Irrespective of any musical genre, scales are considered the tonal basics of all music. Similarly, for playback singing in Bollywood, you need to grasp the scales. It is only after that you can efficiently have your proficiency developed. And undoubtedly, it will be a huge head start to learn and master any Bollywood song.

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What are the Essential Scales You Should Know for Bollywood Singing?

Mastering the essential scales for singing Bollywood songs can be crucially challenging. But if you can learn them all, there is no one to stop you from singing any song. So as a singer, you need to practice multiple scales and intervals regularly. Some of the basic scales that are essential for every singer are:

  • Major Scales - This scale is the most basic scale for singing any song. Music teachers of schools have been exposing this scale to their students for a considerably long time. The major scale allows the singers in the choir to maintain the same pitch and tune. Many singers begin their warm-up sessions with significant scales.
  • Minor Scales - This scale is, to some extent, more complex than the major scales. Even though the notes are similar to the major, the tonal combinations are pretty different. They are Harmonic Minor Scale, Natural Minor Scale, and Melodic Minor Scale.
  • Pentatonic Scales - The Pentatonic Scale has existed for an enormously long time and is the simplest of all scales. It can be termed the basic version of the major scale, but it only consists of 5 notes. These scales deliver an oriental sound and are widely popular in the Bollywood music industry. These scales, when incorporated within songs, provide simplicity and versatility.
  • Chromatic Scales - Chromatic scales are considered the most challenging scales to sing out of all other scales. It is vastly different from all other music scales, and it uses as many as twelve notes. These scales ascend and descend at the rate of half note or semitone apart.
  • Whole-tone Scales - This scale is precisely opposite to that of the chromatic scale. There are six notes, and each is a whole step apart. When the notes are combined, it delivers eerie and blurred sounds in each music piece.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Key for Bollywood Singing?

Every singer is very well acquainted and aware of their vocal range. All singers are comfortable singing on a particular scale, without any hassle. At times, finding the perfect key for singing can be extremely challenging. Collated below are a few steps that will help you quickly find the ideal key to sing any Bollywood song.

  • Firstly, you need to understand and determine your vocal scale or range.
  • Secondly, you can experiment and try out various keys for singing.
  • Finally, you can record yourself and listen to whether it sounds vocally fatigued.

To Conclude

To acquire the perfect scale for Bollywood singing, you need to practice and try out various techniques. Connect with us to sharpen your singing technique.

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